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  1. I am a 41 year old Female Property Manager who was terminated w/o cause on July 14, 2008. I was actively employed for almost 4 years w/ this company. The Owner and Regional Mgr walked in one day and said that they could no longer justify to the investors why our property wasn't filled to capacity and that they were making changes. Evidently that was me. Not the leasing agent who happened to be responsible for sales, but me. I have never had any disciplinary action for performance in the past and had no indication that performance was an issue. I have a very good record other than one complaint from a resident for being rude - that's inevitable when someone wants to break property rules and they don't get their way. The owner recently "came on to" the leasing agent (Female) while he was inebriated on the premises and I believe to cover himself, gave her the opportunity (No Property Mgmt experience) at my expense. Had I known I wasn't performing up to standards, I would have moved mountains to improve our position. I lost my job for a function another employee is responsible for. As a recourse, I was offered Salary Continuation through the end of August which they now reneged on and only paid me for 4 weeks. If performance was an issue, why offer me a severance agreement (of course not in writing)? Nevertheless, I'm not only an employee but a resident. One of the perks was free rent. I'm now being told I have 30 days to leave my home that I have had for 4 yrs. Yet, the leasing Agent last year who was terminated was allowed to stay for 3 months. I'm working diligently to be employed since I'm now out of a job and home. I feel this was a wrongful termination and feel discriminated against possibly because I'm over 40. I don't know what my rights are and need some guidance. I would appreciate any consideration or direction.
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