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  1. client a is holding what appears to be a valid power of attorney signed and notarized by the principal at the us embassy in foreign country. client a employs california lawyer pursuant to power of attorney to sue and collect money on behalf of principal. lawyer collects money in court case. the day money arrives, lawyer hears from lawyer #2 that principal has hired him and is revoking power of attorney given to client a. lawyer no. 2 faxes lawyer #1 revocation signed by principal with instructions not to pay out money to client a. the revocation is not notarized and lawyer 1 tells lawyer 2 that revocation is deficient because not notarized. lawyer 2 says he'll have principal go into us embassy to notarize revocation. lawyer 1 gets an email of the same revocation document with two stamps on it in foreign language, neither done at the embassy, as was original power of attorney. client a is demanding money and reports lawyer 1 to state bar for not releasing money. what should lawyer 1 do???
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