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  1. A few notes about my above question: I am trying to find this information because I'm pretty sure that the person I'm looking for information about has defrauded me, not because I'm being nosey or just being a jerk. An acquaintance advised me that this woman has defrauded a number of people and has been charged for it. I am not one to simply take someone's word for a matter of this magnitude, so I'm trying to confirm my information before I decide to take any potential further steps. She is the girlfriend of one of my oldest and dearest friends, with whom I've fallen somewhat out of touch with in the past couple of years after I moved across the country. I absolutely don't want to damage or ruin my friendship with him by making false accusations. Her criminal history will help me to put the puzzle pieces together. She was recently charged with six counts of "petty theft with prior jail term", and does have (as the "prior jail term" would suggest) criminal history (see below). Since posting my question I have found some additional information through Government Regisrty Online (another paid site)... it shows the case numbers and stuff, but doesn't show what she was charged with. Her charges were in LA County and Orange County, California, and Clark County, Nevada. I also found through this service that she has used false identification in the not too recent past. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I need to search for open warrants (primary issue) and convictions (secondary issue) in the State of California. I have found some of the information I need through a pay-per-use site (Los Angeles Superior Court - Criminal Index), but can't find the rest of what I need. Is there a state database, or other online county databases for LA, Orange, Ventura, San Bernadino, and Kern Counties? Thank you.
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