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  1. Thanks for your help. I'm not in over my head. I have paid lawyers who were more interested in filing paperwork at $250/hour than practicing law. If I read you correctly I can ask the judge for wage garnishment based upon her previous court tetimoney of how much she makes.
  2. the person I'm trying to collect agreed in court testimony that she owed the debt. A payment plan was signed by the judge and entered into the court record. She has not paid anything per the judgement of the court. The judge is ready to execute judgment at the next debtor exam. She has tetified under oath to her business income but she does not pay taxes on it. She works for herself. Can I ask the judge to execute attachment against income based on her testimony? The Ohio Revised Code does not adress this type of issue unless a judge can order wage garnishment based on testimony.
  3. In the state of ohio I have won multiple adjustments against a person who is in business and does not register with the state and local governments. This person has declared in debtor exams that she generates income from her business to live on. She recives earned income credits from the federal government. She has agreed in court to the debt. Can the court force a repayment to which she agreed to and subsequently ignored by attachment on undeclared income to the government. can the judge find her in contempt?
  4. So only the first $3250 is protected from attachmnet. Right?
  5. Under the Ohio revised code 2329.66 ,exempted interests and rights, it states that the persons interest in an automobile can not exceed $3225 and be sheltered from a small claims court judgement. Did I read it right?
  6. What does it take in Ohio to convince a prosecuting attorney that fraud has taken place. I entered an agreement with someone that I would back a car loan and in turn that party would enroll in a technical program in order to turn their life around. They never carried this out. The existence of an oral contract was established in small claims court. In my opinion a violation of Section 2913:43 Securing writings by deception, Ohio Code, has taken place. Any help here would be appreciated.
  7. What is needed to prove fraud committed by an individual in the State of Ohio? What constitues conversion?
  8. I won a judgement in small claims court in the state of Ohio. Can an attachment be filed to an IRS refund? Specifically against an Earned Income tax refund. The person works under the table and does not report income to the IRS but files and receives an earned income tax refund every year.
  9. What rights does a person have when they secure an auto loan by putting up collateral in the form of cash equal to the amount of the loan? Dot The same rights that protect the bank's should also apply to the party that puts up the money to secure the loan?
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