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  1. Hello, I recently sued a company in Small Claims Court for $7,500. I won the case but was awarded $2,500 plus expenses. The company is appealing the decision. In the appellate court, if the judge finds in my favor does he have the discretion to award the entire amount that I originally asked for? Thanks, Mike
  2. I have an auto title loan with 1800-LOAN MART. I had a previous loan with this company a couple of years ago and wound up suing them in small claims court for harrassment and violation of privacy. I won that case. They appealed and I won again. Now they have violated my privacy and harrassed me more severely than the previous time. I would like to know if I can find an attorney who can sue this company in Superior Court and take the case on a contengency basis, as I have no money for an attorney. These loans were supposed to be made strictly confidential. The only reason they should have contacted references was as a last resort after an extended deliquency. Despite being in touch with this company concerning a loan that was two weeks late, the very next day they contacted every person on my reference list about my loan. Several months prior to that, they called me every day for weeks saying that I missed a payment when I had paid $1,000 in advance and faxed them a copy of the cashier's check. This company does not care about consumer rights and should be held accountable. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I took out a loan with them after my first experience. Fair question. I did not know I was dealing with the same company. They farm out their auto title loans to many independent companies and I did not know I was taking out a loan with the mother ship company. It is very time consuming to get all the documents to take out this kind of a loan, I needed the money and didn't have time to go through the process again.
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