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  1. I just returned from court and am trying to figure out where it went wrong. Does this make sense? I am receiving alimony and child support. I have no job and remain in the family home, which I am paying all the mortgage, insurance and prop taxes. His attorney based alimony and child support on my filing head of household, yet he is claiming the dependent child. I get that, what I do not get is how am I to file my taxes based on no income (only alimony), and still take the deductions, yet without having a job what good are the deductions? Is California really going to give me credit on the interest I paid, prop. taxes paid and let me claim head of household? He was given the right to claim our minor child while he is filing single. What tax benefit, if any, will I receive filing HOH? What happens to all the interest and prop taxes paid? Does the government just get to keep that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I live in the state of CA. I was served with divorce papers Feb, 2010 (filed and dated with the court 03/2010) but have still not responded. We still live under the same roof, as we have a child with medical issue and cannot work at this time. My "husband" and his atty changed the paperwork and now want a Legal Separation (but did not refile with the court). Again, I have not responded to the first set of papers and now a change from Divorce to Legal Separation. Do I have to wait for them to serve me with Legal Separation papers? Can I still file a response from the original paperwork and forms his atty sent me? My "husbands" atty is well aware that I have not filed a response (on the orig papers), as he has legal services through his employer, the thought was to try to save money and I could do my own paperwork and his atty would "help" as much as possible (ie: forms, extra copies, "advice," etc.).
  3. I have inherited 4 gravesites (plots) in Troy, New York (Roman Catholic Church). These were purchased and paid for in the early 1940's. My mother and father relocated to California in the 50's and their wishes were to be cremated and scattered at sea out here. As I am an only child, with no ties to New York, I was informed by the church that there is nothing to be done with them. I have explained to them that there are no living relatives in NY, I myself have no desire to be buried in NY, and that I have a disabled son (also an only child), in which these would be of no use. Although the church insisted that nothing could be done with them, they refused to put this into writing. Any ideas on what could be done with them? I have the original documentation (title and receipt). I just cannot believe that they will sit and not be used, when they can either be sold or donated. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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