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  1. Hello - I presented evidence at a small claims court hearing regarding my complaints against a small business in my town. Long story short, the court granted me a judgment in the amount of 2k plus interest and costs. Could I walk into the small business and ask the owner (defendant) to satisfy the judgment? In other words, write me a check? I was thinking of calling the town's sherriff and ask that he accompany me. Would any law preclude me from doing this? Or do I have to follow one of the long legal processes of garnishment of wages, attachment of bank account, levy on personal property, etc.? Please advise. Thank you!
  2. Hello - Hoping you can provide me some direction....? I have a patent on a traffic control device. A company in California is seriously considering the purchase of my patent rights under the device. I expect them to make a decision soon. Regulatory approval from the FHWA is required before traffic control products can be used on any highway system; otherwise known as interim approval. My product will need this approval and possibly additional testing before it can be added to any state's material list for approved products for sale and eventual inclusion in the MUTCD. Requirements differ from state to state as well. It's a complicated regulatory process. Long and painful. So long story short, my product is not currently being made or sold in its target market...yet. Hoping this California company changes all that. Recently, I came upon a product VERY similar to mine that's being made, sold and used in a certain New England state. I got a hold of the manufacturer/owner making/selling the device and he said he did not have a patent nor did he have approval from the feds for its use. He got around the feds (and me too, apparently) by changing a few things. The accused device is being used in many college towns and neighborhoods in the state. This guy said he would continue making and selling the device until told he's not legally permitted to do so. This product is not identical to mine but it achieves the same result, has the same function and operates in exactly the same way. And to be honest, it really looks like my product from a distance. Ironically or not, I conceived of the idea in a New England state and had the physical prototype made by a New England company. I'm not from New England and haven't been back there for a few years now. Anyhow, my question is this: do I have a case for infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents? And could I send this company (and the various municipalities I've discovered using the device) cease and desist or license from me type letters? I don't currently have the money to hire an attorney to do this for me. Any help/direction you may provide me on this forum will be appreciated!
  3. My husband's 18 y.o. daughter lives in Massachusetts. Daughter began college recently at a state school in Mass on a full scholarship. She lives on campus and has a work-study benefit. Does ex-wife (custodial parent) need to file a Complaint for Modification in MA for child support payments to continue beyond age 18? Or does my husband need to file the modification in order to stop making child support payments? Who should file? Or can he just quit making payments since she turned 18? Their divorce papers do not address child support beyond the age of majority nor do they address who pays college expenses. He is estranged from his daughter incidentally and hasn't spoken to her in years. Thanks in advance, bluebug
  4. I received a letter from my patent attorney congratulating me on the issuance of my patent. He also wrote he would be reminding me of the dates when maintenance patent fees would come due in the future. Long story short he did not remind me to pay them, I was unaware of the fee schedule and the patent lapsed for failure to pay the maintenance fees. Is this attorney liable in any way? Someone else ended up patenting my technology and is now making a small fortune off the product. Or was it ultimately my responsibility as the patent holder to be aware of these fees and make the timely payments? Thanks in advance for any response to my inquiry. ~bluebug
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