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  1. Hi, I'm new to this board and need to have a legal question answered for me, if possible. When you go to an Internet site and registrar they have these rules/policies they want you to follow. No profanity, no bashing, no porn, ect. Then you can go on the Internet site and post questions or communicate with other posters. Of course you stay within the law with your conversations, If the site administrator doesn't like what is being said, for whatever reason, they block/delete the post. Now if you are staying within the law with your conversation is it legal to block/delete ? Where does a persons Freedom of Speech come in ? If you where violating the law, threating, vulgar, porn, ect., I can understand the block/delete. I don't think just because it is an Internet site that, that give them the right to take away anyones Constitutional Rights. Thanks for your help
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