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  1. On 8/30/2019 at 6:13 PM, susanwilliams said:

    She didn't agree with her latest ACC submittal


    Not sure it matters, but here's a bunch of things that "ACC" might stand for.  Care to share with us which one you intended?



    On 8/30/2019 at 6:13 PM, susanwilliams said:

    Can an HOA President do this?


    If a person did do something, then it is axiomatic that he/she can do that thing.


    Whether what you described is appropriate depends on the terms of your HOA's CC&Rs and by-laws.  However, I suspect "adjusterjack" is correct.

  2. On 8/30/2019 at 6:09 PM, susanwilliams said:

    I don't believe this is true and would have thought the County would tell me this before they took my $1000 rezone application.


    Not any county employee's responsibility to tell you that or even consider it.



    On 8/30/2019 at 6:09 PM, susanwilliams said:

    Let me know if it applies and if you have an answer.


    An answer to what?


    There's no way anyone here could possibly know whether re-zoning a piece of property in an unknown municipality in one of Idaho's 44 counties (each of which has different zoning laws) from "agriculture" to "rural residential" will or won't change your or anyone else's property taxes.  If this is something that concerns you, you need to consult with a local attorney.

  3. What would possess you to write a lengthy paragraph explaining the concept of "catch-22"?



    1 hour ago, HELP s.o.s 105 said:

    I need help in escaping this in a real life legal situation. for example someone has stollen my car


    Umm...is this a "real life legal situation" or is just an "example"?  Can't be both.



    1 hour ago, HELP s.o.s 105 said:

    and has figure out a loop hole in the law. This loop hole allows them to keep my car stalk, and torture me.


    What's a "car stalk"?  Also, there is no "loophole" in any law in any state that legalizes torture.



    1 hour ago, HELP s.o.s 105 said:

    if i go crazy then i dont deserve the car, and on the other hand if i dont go crazy i dont need the car.


    This makes zero sense.



    1 hour ago, HELP s.o.s 105 said:

    Apart of the torture is that i have to wal the streets naked and prove my self and ive been doing so for 6 months. How do i escape this situation?


    Huh?  If you walk the streets naked for more than a few minutes, you're going to be arrested, so I seriously doubt you've been doing it for six months.


    Unless you can write something more coherent, I can only conclude that you need to seek treatment from a mental health professional.

  4. 15 hours ago, chopper1979 said:

    One provider sent my account to collections but they still continue to contact me about payment, despite being told by me and my attorney in writing to stop. I received a text alert from them today.

    Can the original creditor & debt collector both contact me?


    Just because you and your attorney tell someone to stop contacting you doesn't mean that person/entity has an obligation to stop.  Federal law (as cited in the prior response) provides a means by which you can limit the extent that a third-party debt collector may contact you.  That law does not apply to an original creditor.  I don't know if Kentucky has a similar law that would apply to an original creditor.



    15 hours ago, chopper1979 said:

    Do i have any right to file a complaint about one or both companies?


    I'm not sure what sort of "complaint" you have in mind, but you can file anything you like.

  5. I'm a little confused about your question.  For the last two decades (at least), in order to get gas from a pump, you either have to put your card in a slot at the pump and get it approved before you pump or you got into the office before pumping and say, "I'd like $X on pump #5."  In the former case, if you're done after pumping $2 worth of gas, then that's what you pay, and there'd never be a need to go "in[to] the office" and talk to someone.  In the latter case, if you tell the person you want $2 and he/she says there's a $16.50 minimum, then you know that up front.  I'm therefore trying to figure out why you would be pumping first and then going back to the cashier.  I'm also curious where you found a gas station in 2019 where an attendant will pump the gas for you.


    Regardless, if you're told up front that there's a minimum, then there's nothing wrong with that.  On the other hand, if you're not told until after the fact that there's a minimum charge, that wouldn't be enforceable.

  6. 5 hours ago, Gio said:

    I am on an income based repayment plan for student loans. I will be done in 9.5 years. If I generate more income then my payment arrangement would change so that I pay more monthly which is what I’d be trying to avoid by not taking a salary. At least in the beginning. If I don’t take a salary from the S Corp business would I then continue to only report income from my regular 9-5 therefore avoiding the higher payment rate or will my taxes be affected to show that income despite not taking a salary?


    The only way to answer this intelligently would be to read the contract that contains the "income based repayment plan."  Since I have no ability to do that, I'll simply point out that the term "income" is much broader than "salary."

  7. 56 minutes ago, Gio said:

    Could I use this as a method to report income only from my 9-5 job and therefore keep income based payments on debt down until a later date?


    Huh?  What "income based payments on debt" are you talking about?



    56 minutes ago, Gio said:

    Does the S Corp in any way affect my taxes if I don’t receive a salary in a given year?


    Yes.  If you're the sole owner of the S corporation, it would be disregarded for tax purposes.


    I strongly encourage you to consult with a local attorney for advice before doing something you don't understand.

  8. 11 hours ago, Dslyfe said:

    what are the proper steps I have to take?


    According to you, the proper step (singular) is to "provide written notice at least 90 days before moving."  Is there some reason why you think there might be something else?



    11 hours ago, Dslyfe said:

    Do I legally have to get approval from the courts to move?


    According to you, "[n]othing in the paper says [you] cant move."  I assume "the paper" refers to your divorce decree.



    11 hours ago, Dslyfe said:

    My child will be 16 when we decide to move.


    Sounds like you have already decided to move.


    Is there any reason not to let your ex no now that you plan to move so that you can try to work something out in advance?

  9. 15 hours ago, masoncity1978 said:

    Do I need a defense for this action when I go to court as it is a he said/she said situation?


    You obviously have a defense since you outlined it in your post, so what exactly does this question mean?



    15 hours ago, masoncity1978 said:

    Would it matter what I said since this person still owes me $750.08 for payments?


    What you said when, and to whom?

  10. 1 hour ago, edward1234 said:

    was the doctor in violation of any law by telling her that information?


    Quite possibly.  You can submit a complaint with the HHS for the apparent HIPAA violation.



    1 hour ago, edward1234 said:

    The way i see it is the doctor ask if there was any past use of drugs. And when she ask if they found any all he had to do was say yes and left it there . He should have not disclosed what they had found


    Actually, he shouldn't have answered the question at all seeing as how the person asking was not your spouse.

  11. 1 hour ago, Jazamb32 said:

    I rented a car in my name for someone who . . . was on the do not rent list





    Please realize that, not only was this a terrible idea, it was also a breach of the rental car contract and, quite possibly, a crime (since you rented a car and represented that no one but you would be driving but knew at the time of renting the car that you intended to let someone on the "do not rent" list drive it).  Moreover, it means your own liability insurer isn't going to provide coverage, and it wouldn't surprise me if you're now on the "do not rent" list.



    1 hour ago, Jazamb32 said:

    I have multiple texts with him admitting to damaging the car as well as him saying that his insurance was going to pay for it however this is now 5 months later and I have just received my final letter before being sent to collections/ being sued my enterprise. He has blocked me from everything and I can no longer reach him.


    Well, then you're going to need to figure out a way to pay the rental car company.  The chances of you winning a small claims suit against this guy seem pretty good (assuming you can find him in order to serve him), but I agree that you probably have almost no chance of actually collecting.

  12. 39 minutes ago, adjusterjack said:


    I'll bet money that there isn't any.


    Not saying I think you're wrong, but anyone who is in the business of repairing cars and doesn't carry liability insurance is a long list of unkind names.

  13. 1 hour ago, Sheriff James said:

    They ARE awarded when the government agency LIED that no records existed when they did in fact exist.  That one single clear violation is all it takes to obtain the attorney's fees, REGARDLESS of what records were requested.  That's why these cases are so easy to win. 


    Cool...do you have a question that hasn't already been addressed (or any point whatsoever)?

  14. 17 minutes ago, Jazamb32 said:

    An unauthorized driver of a car that was rented by me is refusing to pay for damages that he caused.


    Let me get this straight.  You rented a car.  Someone else drive and caused damage to the car.  I assume "unauthorized driver means that he wasn't listed on the rental contract as an authorized driver, but does it also mean that he used the car without your permission?  Or was he using the car with your permission?  Your response to "adjusterjack's" question about this issue is ambiguous.


    Just also to confirm:  the accident was reported tot he rental car company, right?



    1 hour ago, Jazamb32 said:

    In addition to the he promised to pay for the cost of the days the car was rented but has failed to.


    I assume you meant to type, "In addition to the damage to the car. . . ."  Has he (or his liability insurer) paid for the damage to the car?  What does "the cost of the days the car was rented" mean?  Are you talking about what you paid to rent the car?  Or are you talking about the rental car company's damages for loss of use of the vehicle while it was being repaired?



    1 hour ago, Jazamb32 said:

    Can I take him to small claims court?


    You can take him and me and the Queen of England to court.  Anyone can take anyone to court.  Heck, one guy even sued Satan.



    1 hour ago, Jazamb32 said:

    What are the chances of me winning?


    Depends on your answers to the questions I asked.

  15. 1 hour ago, SukiNg said:

    Craftyone 949

    I wouldn't bother consulting the disrespectful "experts" on this website. They are extremely judgmental, condescending and flat out rude. The unhelpful, holier than thou  reply from  pg1067 above is a perfect example of what you can expect from a "platinum contributor". 


    So...you crawl out of the woodwork two years after your last post solely to write garbage like this?  Your comment might be better received if you actually had something useful to contribute.


    Interesting comments given that you seemingly had no issues with my responses to two threads you started years ago.

  16. 59 minutes ago, John J said:

    A man is saying that he gave a cash deposit and wants it back, but has no reciept.


    Saying to whom?


    Gave a deposit to whom?


    In what amount?


    For what purpose?


    In what state?


    Is there any sort of written agreement?  I'd like to think a person would not give another person a cash deposit in any significant amount without any sort of signed, written agreement and/or a receipt, but I've been posting here long enough to know that people sometimes do galactically stupid things.



    1 hour ago, John J said:

    Can he file charges ?


    No.  Only the district attorney/prosecuting attorney can file criminal charges.  Obviously, anyone can report anything to the police.  Assessing whether it is likely that the police will do anything about a particular situation requires knowing the relevant details.



    1 hour ago, John J said:

    He now says that I damaged the vehicle because it is not finished.


    That doesn't make any sense.  Not finishing the repairs is one thing.  Damaging the vehicle is something completely different, and it makes no sense to claim that you "damaged the vehicle because it is not finished."



    1 hour ago, John J said:

    Can he file charges on an accusation like that ?


    Neither failing to finish repairs nor accidentally (I'm assuming) damaging a vehicle is a crime.



    1 hour ago, John J said:

    Can a person get away with something like this ?


    I'm not really sure what "something like this" means, but nothing you've described suggests any criminal activity has occurred.  If anything, you might have some civil liability, so I'd strongly suggest you put your business liability insurance carrier on notice of this man's allegations.

  17. 49 minutes ago, Jacque said:

    they are both on the loan.


    And also both on tile, right?



    49 minutes ago, Jacque said:

     Is this illegal?





    49 minutes ago, Jacque said:

    Can she do anything to stop him


    The reality is this woman willingly made a very dumb decision to sign on a mortgage she can't afford to pay so that she could jointly own a property with a man other than her husband (and I'm assuming that the two of them did not enter into any contract to govern the terms of their joint ownership).  She may want to let the lender know what's happening and tell the lender that she'll fully cooperate with whatever it chooses to do.  The only good news is that, if the property does get foreclosed, she won't be personally liable for any deficiency if the foreclosure doesn't generate sufficient funds to pay off the mortgage plus costs of the foreclosure.

  18. 13 hours ago, Jacque said:

    he says that he will foreclose if she doesn't sign.


    Foreclose what?



    13 hours ago, Jacque said:

    i.m pretty sure he will force her out and have a family member buy the home.


    Why do you think this?



    13 hours ago, Jacque said:

    Even if he doesn't. ans and forces out, ruins her credit and leaves her homeless; is this not illegal?


    I have no idea what "this" refers to.  I also have no idea what "doesn't. ans and forces out" might mean.  Also, how do you think the man might ruin the woman's credit?



    13 hours ago, Jacque said:

    Can she do anything to stop him or press charges in San Bernardino, Calif?


    "Press charges" is a term that typically refers to criminal charges, and nothing in your post suggests that any crime has occurred or is likely to occur.  As far as "stop[ping] him," it's not clear what you're talking about.


    P.S.  You're the woman, right?

  19. 11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    the Hollister ordinances are so gray, they can literally impound a dog for chasing a cat with intent to injure it.


    I doubt that very much since ascertaining a dog's intent is not possible.



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    The case has had one hearing in dog court and is set to be heard in the superior court.


    What sort of case?  Is it a civil lawsuit filed by the victim of the dog bite?  Also, there's no such thing as "dog court."



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    will she need to subpoena her witnesses prior to the hearing date, or can they just show up and testify?


    That depends.  Does she want to have recourse if, by some chance, the witness does not actually show up?



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    Doesn't she have a right to get the discovery?


    Get what discovery from whom?



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    How does she do this?


    Depends on the nature of the case.



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    Will an email or certified letter get these documents?


    We have no way of knowing.



    11 hours ago, Thebomb said:

    The lady can not get an attorney to help her.


    Why not?



    10 hours ago, adjusterjack said:

    have her report the claim to her insurance company


    That will work if the case at issue is a civil lawsuit.  However, it sounds like that might not be the case.

  20. 1 hour ago, foolish said:

    You have to excuse me I accidiently omitted the the word "not" seeking certiorari to SCOTUS





    1 hour ago, foolish said:

    The issues are federal


    So...I assume we're talking about one of the circuit courts of appeals.



    1 hour ago, foolish said:

    I just want to know if I have to wait for the mandate, basically the mandate issues on the 91st day from an appellate court when no petition is filed at the SCOTUS.


    Wait for the mandate to do what?  "[R]efile an identical or similar complaint with the same court"?  You ignored the question I asked previously:  Why would you "refile an identical or similar complaint" -- with any court, much less the same court?  If the case has been adjudicated and an appeal becomes final, then any "identical or similar complaint" would presumably be barred by res judicata, and that would presumably be the case whether you file it before or after the mandate issues.


    Also, where did you get the idea that "the mandate issues on the 91st day from an appellate court when no petition is filed at the SCOTUS"?


    FRAP 41(b) states that "[t]he court’s mandate must issue 7 days after the time to file a petition for rehearing expires, or 7 days after entry of an order denying a timely petition for panel rehearing, petition for rehearing en banc, or motion for stay of mandate, whichever is later."  FRAP 41 doesn't say how long one has to file a motion for stay of mandate.


    FRAP 40(a)(1) provides that the time for filing a petition for rehearing is within 14 days after entry of judgment (except for governmental parties).

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