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  1. They can't control how the boyfriend's parents complete their tax returns.


    If, under the applicable IRS regulation, your daughter is entitled to claim her children as dependents, then she should do so on her returns.  If the father's parents also claim the children, then the IRS and the state taxing authority will investigate.


    By the way, is the boyfriend the children's father and, if so, has his paternity ever been established?

  2. 3 hours ago, RetiredinVA said:

    You did not identify the state where this occurred.


    The post is tagged as related to Kansas.



    3 hours ago, chatmonmom said:

    beyond the fact that they just didn't answer those questions, the fact that they didn't disclose this information really bothers me. Is that even legal?


    I haven't googled what the Kansas residential real estate disclosure law requires.  However, you told us that the seller gave you written disclosures and "skipped over the questions asking about flooding."  Assuming that, like most states, Kansas has a required disclosure form, this makes me believe that some disclosure regarding flooding was required.  As indicated in my prior response, the problem with this is that I assume you received the written disclosures before closing on the sale.  If that's right, then you could and should have noticed that the seller "skipped over the questions asking about flooding" and should have insisted that the seller answer those questions.  Because you knew or should have known that the seller didn't make this required disclosure but proceeded to close anyway, that may preclude any action by you against the seller for failing to disclose flood issues.  Again, you need to consult with a local real estate attorney about this.

  3. 3 hours ago, Dr. Dan said:

    Don't they have the right to excavate it back up without warning if they choose to?


    You told us that there is a utility easement, but we obviously don't know anything about what it says.



    3 hours ago, RetiredinVA said:

    I would assume the utility company has an easement over the area where the hole was dug.  If that is the case, they have the right to keep the hole open until they have finished whatever they were doing.


    I doubt that the easement gives the utility company the right to dig a large hole, leave dirt from the hole outside the easement, and leave the yard in that condition in perpetuity.

  4. 2 hours ago, Wilby64 said:

    I am guessing nobody wants to touch this subject


    You posted in the middle of the night (shortly after 2:00 a.m. Pacific time).  Were you expecting folks to leap into action?  It's a message board.  Be patient.



    6 hours ago, Wilby64 said:

    How might I ask, is this not kidnapping/abduction.


    We're in no position to explain to you why the local authorities in Texas won't take action, but it's neither of the things you mentioned because your daughter sent the child to the grandparents voluntarily.



    6 hours ago, Wilby64 said:

    What can we do to get this 4 yrs old child back where he rightfully belongs?


    Your daughter needs to retain the services of an attorney in Texas to file appropriate legal proceedings to get the child back.  Should have done this within weeks after the child was due home, and the longer she allows this situation to exist, the worse it will become.



    1 hour ago, RetiredinVA said:

    it is pretty obvious that the mother has to hire an attorney to file for custody in Ohio so she has legal documentation of her custody.


    I disagree.  Any legal proceedings need to happen in Texas where the child is (at least in the absence of some explanation of the current status regarding custody of the child, including what's going on with the child's father).



    1 hour ago, Wilby64 said:

    So in a nutshell, anybody can grab a child and keep them And make the paternal parent go to court to prove they have custody is that how it works?


    Paternal parent?  You mean the father?  In any event, no one wrote anything like this.  No one "grabbed" your grandchild.  You told us that your daughter willingly allowed the child to go to the other grandparents in another state -- apparently without making any provision for the child's return.  Again, we don't know why law enforcement in Texas won't take action.  However, since they're not taking action, your daughter's recourse is obvious.  The lawyer in Texas can advise her on the specific action she should take.

  5. 30 minutes ago, LegalAdviceAppreciated said:

    He completely disregarding the 6 notice provision that required he inform me of his leaving


    What does "the 6 notice provision" mean?  Why would you expect him to tell you that he was planning to move?



    32 minutes ago, LegalAdviceAppreciated said:

    What rights do I have?


    I fail to see any utility in creating a list of rights.  It's not entirely clear what the problem is here, but you should be discussing the matter with your attorney.

  6. 1 hour ago, chatmonmom said:

    the owner skipped over the questions asking about flooding. We missed this


    So...the seller failed to make a required disclosure and you knew (or should have known) that the seller didn't make this disclosure but proceeded to close anyway?  That's obviously an important fact.



    1 hour ago, chatmonmom said:

    Do we have any foot to stand on here. I have been told to reach out to an attorney. . . . What do we do if anything?


    I'm skeptical that you have a valid claim against the seller or seller's agent because you knew or should have known that the seller failed to make a disclosure about this subject.  Nevertheless, I agree with whomever told you to consult with a local attorney.  I also hope you bought flood insurance since regular homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it.

  7. 2 hours ago, SAB said:

    My personal injury attorney wants to withdraw from the lawsuit he filed after trial date SET .


    Just to clarify, in the subject header of your post, you wrote that the attorney "wants to withdraw [the] lawsuit," but here you wrote that he "wants to withdraw from the lawsuit."  Those are two very different things and, unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you intended the latter (i.e., that he doesn't want to represent you anymore).



    2 hours ago, SAB said:

    CAN I PLEASE HAVE ANY ADVICE OR HELP on options what to do next. Sign Off , Go in front of a judge, Hire another attorney ?


    No one here knows anything about your situation beyond the scant information in your post.  Among other things, you didn't tell us why your attorney wants to withdraw.  That said, if your trial date isn't for another year, the likelihood that you could prevent the attorney from withdrawing is probably almost nil, so you probably should be seeking a new attorney.



    2 hours ago, SAB said:

    Do I have the right to see what has been investigated to date by attorney?


    I'm not quite sure what this means, but anything pertinent to your case should be in the files that get transferred to you or your new attorney.



    2 hours ago, SAB said:

    I believe there are very important facts that were not looked into.


    Ok.  Good thing you have eleven months until the trial date.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Marianne Helphrery said:

    we received the title and Ioan canceled


    What does "we received . . . loan canceled" mean?



    13 minutes ago, Marianne Helphrery said:

    now they said they have canceled the title and made a new one


    Who are "they"?  Did "they" provide any evidence that title was canceled?



    14 minutes ago, Marianne Helphrery said:

    we can sell or do anything until we get with them.


    I assume you meant "can't."  What does "get with them" mean?



    14 minutes ago, Marianne Helphrery said:

    can they void our notarize title and put a stop on our RV from being sold.


    We have no conceivable way of knowing whether "they" have this ability.



    27 minutes ago, Marianne Helphrery said:

    they said they made a mistake on the loan and they now want us to pay on this  HELP


    Not sure what sort of "help" you think anonymous strangers on the internet can provide, and we obviously don't know whether your loan was or wasn't fully paid off.  Does your lender's claim match up to your personal financial records?

  9. 59 minutes ago, Waterlover212 said:

    I drink a lot of water


    Tap water?



    59 minutes ago, Waterlover212 said:

    I like to brush my teeth with cold water.


    75-80 degree water is perfectly fine for brushing teeth, and whatever water actually goes into your mouth (which is probably no more than an ounce) will warm up to the temperature inside your mouth (~98.6 degrees) within a few seconds.



    1 hour ago, Waterlover212 said:

    Is the building required to fix something like this regardless of the cost, difficulty, or inconvenience?


    A building has no ability to fix anything.  The question is whether your landlord has a legal obligation to ensure you have "cold water," and I doubt any such obligation exists.



    1 hour ago, Waterlover212 said:

    And how does one determine what 'cold' water is?

    "Cold" and "warm" and "hot" are subjective terms.



    1 hour ago, Waterlover212 said:

    I talked to one lawyer about this and he said that cold water is defined as water that's drinkable and what I described to him does not sound like drinkable water.


    Defined by whom or what?  Also, there's absolutely nothing about 75-80 degree water that makes it not "drinkable."



    1 hour ago, Waterlover212 said:

    Do I have grounds for reporting my building management to the city?

    I can't claim familiarity with the myriad of oddball landlord-tenant laws in NYC, but I seriously doubt it.  You've only give two examples of how this is an issue for you, and neither really stands up to scrutiny.


    Also, I looked at the links you provided and nothing suggested there's any definition of "cold water" or any actionable right to same.


    Ultimately, if you don't like it, you're free to move as soon as your lease expires or, if you're a month-to-month tenant, upon giving 30 days' notice.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Srush said:

    Yes can they charge you with that if it was a flashlight not a laser


    Section 609.857 subd. 2 states as follows:  "Whoever knowingly aims and discharges a laser or other device that creates visible light into the cockpit of an aircraft that is in the process of taking off or landing or is in flight is guilty of a gross misdemeanor" (emphasis added).


    Accordingly, yes, a person can be charged and convicted if he/she "knowingly aims and discharges [a flashlight] into the cockpit of an aircraft that is in the process of taking off or landing or is in flight."



    10 minutes ago, Srush said:

    That statute clearly defines a laser and it says knowingly shines into cockpit lasers shoot for miles flashlights dont so can a flaslight shine into cockpit of a plane and could i have knowingly.


    This sentence is grammatically garbled, but I think you're not so much concerned with the definition of "laser" or the distinction between a laser and a flashlight.  Rather, your concern appears to be with the idea that a flashlight might get unknowingly/accidentally aimed/discharged "into the cockpit of an aircraft that is in the process of taking off or landing or is in flight."


    If that's your concern, I'm not really sure what you expect anyone to say about that.  Yes, the statute excludes unknowing/accidental aiming/discharge and, in order to obtain a conviction, the prosecution would have to prove that the aiming/discharge was, in fact, knowing.


    Why are you asking?  Have you been charged with violating this law?

  11. 46 minutes ago, Tig16 said:

    My ex husband in CA used his cell phone to photograph my years old divorce decree


    Would this also be his divorce decree?  Or is it a decree from a divorce between you and another husband?



    46 minutes ago, Tig16 said:

    but he sent it to my son in NV.


    Is your son also his son?



    46 minutes ago, Tig16 said:

    I am concerned that this private document was exposed when sent over unsecured cell phone text messaging.


    What makes you think a divorce decree is a "private document"?



    46 minutes ago, Tig16 said:

    Do I have any legal protections regarding this?


    No.  Except in a very unusual case, a divorce decree is a matter of public record and can be shared with anyone in the world.


    Caveat:  It's not clear why your ex has a lawyer the UK or where you got divorce or where your ex was when he sent his text.  Your post is tagged as relating to CA, but it's not clear why.  While I suspect that the foregoing comments are also true under UK law, I am only certain that they're accurate under the laws of all U.S. states.

  12. 3 hours ago, livetosmile143 said:

    could the detectives use that evidence as admissible evidence in court against him?


    As noted, the evidence would not be rendered inadmissible by the Fourth Amendment.  However, the facts stated -- particularly the delay of four weeks between the taking of the bag and turning it over to the cops -- may seriously impact its probative value.

  13. 5 hours ago, DePriest said:

    I had it towed by a personal friend . . . to a local car repair shop.


    For what purpose?  Did the repair shop know it was coming?



    5 hours ago, DePriest said:

    I never gave this repair shop consent to work on my vehicle.


    Then why did you have it towed there?



    5 hours ago, DePriest said:

    It is now 30 days later and I have no car.


    Have you paid for the repairs?



    5 hours ago, DePriest said:

    What do I need to do?


    What happened when you visited the repair shop to pick up your car?



    5 hours ago, DePriest said:

    Can they keep my car, without having my consent to work on it?


    Well...according to you, the shop is keeping your car, so it should be obvious that it can do so.  As far as legalities, I assume that Tennessee, like most or all other states, has a law that allows an auto mechanic to assert a lien against a car left for repairs.  I don't know how that law applies in light of your claim that you never consented to any repairs, but I suggest you google "tennessee auto mechanic's lien law."

  14. 15 minutes ago, VeraCaUSA said:

    Let's start with solicitation of prostitution for one,  (Ohio Rev. Code § 2907.21).  While the communication to compel might not have to be verbal, it still would not give a person a right to walk up to someone and bring up that conversation subject.


    That's not even close to being on topic.  You claimed that "there are laws which prevent a person from walking up to someone and striking up a conversation even if they are [sic] not restraining the person in the process."  A law that criminalizes the solicitation of prostitution is not even close to such a law.


    So again, can you cite any law that prohibits one person from walking up to another person and striking up a conversation?  Or you could just admit that you made that up.

  15. 30 minutes ago, VeraCaUSA said:

    And yes there are laws which prevent a person from walking up to someone and striking up a conversation even if they are not restraining the person in the process.


    Please cite such a law.  If you are unable to cite such a law, on what basis do you make this claim?



    31 minutes ago, VeraCaUSA said:

    Your statement that anyone else could have done the same thing that the poster described happened to him is totally bogus.


    I never made such a statement.  My statement that "[t]he police are as free as anyone else to walk up to you and start talking to you" was obviously a general statement and was not specific to the OP's situation.  Also note that the OP's question was not whether it was legal for the cops to park in front of and behind the OP's vehicle.  Rather, the OP's question was whether it was "legal or not for [the police] to have made contact with" the OP.  I noted that it was an oddly phrased question.  However, phrased as it was, I answered it in a legally correct manner.



    34 minutes ago, VeraCaUSA said:

    If you going to give your advice to somebody then at least give it in context of the question being asked.


    Thanks for the advice.  Here's some for you that is very specific to the present context:  seek to improve your reading comprehension before choosing to pick a fight on a message board.

  16. On 6/8/2019 at 9:25 PM, livetosmile143 said:

    need to know what  should i expect to happen next?


    He'll be prosecuted.



    On 6/8/2019 at 9:25 PM, livetosmile143 said:

    and if there could be a chance for him to get bond.


    No one here could possibly tell you intelligently that there's no chance, so there is necessarily a chance.


    He needs a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

  17. On 6/8/2019 at 11:11 AM, Jliz said:

    My sister in law's house had her roof collapsed due to a broken water pipe in the street in front of her house.


    How could a broken water pipe in the street cause her roof to collapse?



    On 6/8/2019 at 11:11 AM, Jliz said:

    I was wondering if they can sue the water company for all the stress the family is going through.


    Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but there's no valid claim here for "stress."



    On 6/8/2019 at 11:11 AM, Jliz said:

    What type of lawyer would take a case like this.


    A really bad one who doesn't understand tort law very well and who is desperate for clients.


    What is the purpose of the pictures?

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