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  1. You can google "Illinois contractor laws." How much money did you pay? How much money did you agree to pay? How much is it going to cost to get everything corrected and done properly? Suffice to say that, if the guy isn't licensed or insured, then he probably doesn't have a bond and probably doesn't have any means to make good on what he did.
  2. Depends on which family members and a host of facts and circumstances, none of which are included in your post (including the state where this is happening). I suggest that any family member(s) who are interested in preventing what the attorney-in-fact wants to do consult with a local attorney ASAP.
  3. Thank god you resurrected this nearly five month old thread to attack people and provide utterly useless information. Says the person who's posted here once and who doesn't have the common sense not to resurrect a 5 year old thread to people with over 160,000 collective posts.
  4. Any good reason for resurrecting this 3 1/2 month old thread that's been dormant for a month and a half?
  5. Your post raises no legal issue. If you're screening the other adults, why wouldn't you screen all of them?
  6. What does "went after me" mean? Huh? Again, huh? Is your ex-husband not the father of your children? Everyone? I assume that this means that a small handful of people are telling you this What is it that these folks think you "need to go through the courts" to do? I don't know what "without alot [sic] of issue" means, but if there's a court order regarding custody of your children and you want it changed, you'll have to seek a further order from the court.
  7. I'm not sure what "wrong" means in this context, and we obviously haven't read your divorce decree or custody order, and you didn't identify your state. What does "registered address" mean? What does "this" refer to in this sentence? If you're asking about modifying the terms of the divorce decree or custody order, that will require a further order of the court, which will require notice to you.
  8. pg1067


    Huh? Land is not capable of selling anything. What "new guy"? Move out of what? What state?
  9. Yes. That's what I wrote previously. And keep in mind that, until the child is born, there's no way to know that it's his child. You may know that he's the father because he's the only man you had sex with around the time of conception, but that's not legally sufficient to establish paternity. As I also wrote previously, the cost of whatever medical care you need or choose to obtain before the child is born is yours and yours alone bear. You and the father both had a choice when it came to engaging in unprotected sex outside of marriage. After that, the choice not to terminate the pregnancy was entirely yours. If you didn't have the financial means to obtain the necessary medical care, then your choice to have a child was an incredibly ill-advised one. P.S. In my opinion, the only "unfair" part about all this is that your poor choices will likely cost public resources.
  10. As phrased, the premise of your question is erroneous and, as such, the question makes no sense. That said, I agree with ever word of "RetiredinVA's" response.
  11. Of course it's possible for her to sue you. It's unlikely that she'll win, though. That she didn't make payments on time is of no relevance to anything. You made a bad decision by putting your credit in someone else's hands. That said, the court would likely construe the payments she made as the cost of renting the car from you.
  12. Petition for what? Are the two of you seeking to move from Morocco to the U.S.? If so, she should consult with a U.S. immigration attorney.
  13. Ummm...huh? Unless you're suggesting that raped you and, as a result, you got pregnant, he could not "decide[] [this] on his own." You can't. Your pre-birth medical and living expenses are yours alone to bear. That's a consequence of choosing to have a child with a man to whom you're not married. Once the child is born, you can seek to establish the father's paternity and an order that requires him to pay you child support. I don't know how far along you are, but you may have the option of terminating the pregnancy.
  14. I sort of stopped reading in the middle of the post when you stopped using normal punctuation and got excruciatingly detailed. I think your basic question is whether it was legal for your employer to fire you for how you reacted to an a-hold customer. If so, the answer is yes. Most employment in the U.S. is "at will." What that means is that the employee may quit at any time for any reason, and the employer may fire the employee at any time for any reason that is not expressly illegal. Most -- but certainly not all -- of what "not expressly illegal" covers are things like discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. Terminating an employee for a somewhat tepid reaction to an a-hold customer is absolutely not illegal.
  15. Why have you resurrected this nearly 8 year old thread? Please start your own thread.
  16. It would certainly be legal for you to grant the right of way/easement, but it's up to you whether or not you actually do it. I also agree with "RetiredinVA's" comments.
  17. There's something called "search incident to lawful arrest" that likely will justify the search of your purse. I suggest you retain the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford and also seek treatment for your drug problem.
  18. The conduct you're describing likely justifies the dismissal of this secretary, so if I were your husband, I'd be souring the by-laws to find out how to make that happen. He also can and probably should consult with a local attorney.
  19. The intent of my question was to ask on what basis or bases the secretary is refusing to give your husband access to the records.
  20. Under what circumstances would a court disregard precedent?
  21. On what basis/bases? I don't really understand what this question means. We obviously have no way of knowing (but your husband should know) if the HOA's by-laws cover this issue.
  22. The law you quoted (which I assume is from one of the Texas codes, but it's not clear which one) expressly says that an animal control officer "means a person who . . . is not a peace officer." That said, I agree with "PayrollHRGuy" that "there may well be ACOs, especially in smaller jurisdictions that are also peace officers" (although it would not be unreasonable to interpret the quoted law to preclude a person from being both). Anyone with the ability to communicate can represent anything. If your intent was to ask whether such a representation would be illegal or unlawful, it depends on the specific facts and circumstances and the intent behind the making of the representation.
  23. The case was settled for something in the nuisance value to cost of defense range. The federal precedent had no application since my case was filed in state court pursuant to state law.
  24. Of course you could. Did you really think the answer might be "no"?
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