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  1. For what purpose? Did the repair shop know it was coming? Then why did you have it towed there? Have you paid for the repairs? What happened when you visited the repair shop to pick up your car? Well...according to you, the shop is keeping your car, so it should be obvious that it can do so. As far as legalities, I assume that Tennessee, like most or all other states, has a law that allows an auto mechanic to assert a lien against a car left for repairs. I don't know how that law applies in light of your claim that you never consented to any repairs, but I suggest you google "tennessee auto mechanic's lien law."
  2. That's not even close to being on topic. You claimed that "there are laws which prevent a person from walking up to someone and striking up a conversation even if they are [sic] not restraining the person in the process." A law that criminalizes the solicitation of prostitution is not even close to such a law. So again, can you cite any law that prohibits one person from walking up to another person and striking up a conversation? Or you could just admit that you made that up.
  3. Please cite such a law. If you are unable to cite such a law, on what basis do you make this claim? I never made such a statement. My statement that "[t]he police are as free as anyone else to walk up to you and start talking to you" was obviously a general statement and was not specific to the OP's situation. Also note that the OP's question was not whether it was legal for the cops to park in front of and behind the OP's vehicle. Rather, the OP's question was whether it was "legal or not for [the police] to have made contact with" the OP. I noted that it was an oddly phrased question. However, phrased as it was, I answered it in a legally correct manner. Thanks for the advice. Here's some for you that is very specific to the present context: seek to improve your reading comprehension before choosing to pick a fight on a message board.
  4. Neither the pictures nor the article explained it (and I didn't feel like waiting for the ridiculously long prescription drug ad that played before the video), but whatever....
  5. He'll be prosecuted. No one here could possibly tell you intelligently that there's no chance, so there is necessarily a chance. He needs a criminal defense attorney ASAP.
  6. How could a broken water pipe in the street cause her roof to collapse? Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but there's no valid claim here for "stress." A really bad one who doesn't understand tort law very well and who is desperate for clients. What is the purpose of the pictures?
  7. pg1067


    Warrants are signed by judges. I'm not sure what you signed, but it almost certainly wasn't a warrant. Did your landlord serve you with a written notice of termination of tenancy or is this just something that was said verbally? Are you on a lease for a particular term? If so, when does that term expire? Or are you month-to-month tenants? If so, in what state do you live? Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but neither you nor your roommate has any valid legal claim against anyone unless, as a result of the crime that occurred, your property was damaged or you suffer some sort of financial loss.
  8. Only if the person is free to walk away, or in this case would be to drive off without having any to respond to any of the questions being asked by the officers. My statement was correct as written. The police are no different than anyone else. There's no law prohibiting the police or anyone else from walking up to you and striking up a conversation.
  9. I'm not thinking of hiring an attorney, but there are innumerable companies that will conduct "background checks" on anyone you like. Such companies are easily found by googling. "Expunged" typically means that a person was convicted of something but that records relating to that conviction are unavailable to the general public.
  10. This is an oddly phrased question. Are you suggesting that you thought it might be illegal for police to "make contact with" a person just for the heck of it? Restrictions apply to stops and detentions. The police are as free as anyone else to walk up to you and start talking to you. I guess that the "something" was suspected illegal drugs. If suspected illegal drugs were found as a result of a legal search, then of course it was legal to send those drugs to a lab and to arrest you.
  11. Get a report from whom? A written report? Verbal report? I'm certain that you do lots of things. Filed a report with whom? Based on what you wrote, it's possible that you'll be arrested and charged with one or more crimes and sued. It's equally possible that nothing at all will happen. Obviously, if you're arrested and/or sued, you should retain an attorney. It might also be a good idea to contact your auto liability insurance carrier and report what happened and what is happening.
  12. Just clarifying: Is "the association" a different entity than the "private water district," or are they the same entity that you're using two different names to refer to? Probably. However, at some point, you or a predecessor owner presumably granted the district/association the power to do certain things. If so, that would effectively negate any trespassing issue. Since we are not privy to any relevant documents, there's no way for anyone here to answer this intelligently. Your post provides no information from which one could deduce an answer to this question. See my answers above to your questions about trespassing and the authority of a private association. Obviously, your rights are limited by whatever authority/power has been conferred to this district/association. No way for anyone to know without reading the relevant documents. I suggest you seek a consultation with a local attorney. Perhaps, if some of your neighbors share your opinion, you can pool resources for the purpose of obtaining legal advice and representation.
  13. To the best of my knowledge, no Ohio criminal defense lawyers follow these boards, so it's unlikely you'll get a response from anyone with personal knowledge of actual cases. Beyond that, and assuming that the time offered is within the range of sentences for the crimes charged, the reasonableness of any sentence obviously depends on the relevant facts and the defendant's prior record.
  14. Are you saying that, at the time he was arrested, he was driving on a temporary license? I hope it goes without saying that your husband needs to seek treatment immediately for his alcoholism.
  15. You resurrected an over six year old thread to ask a question that was answered six years ago. WTF?
  16. pg1067

    Hotel key

    Depends on the laws of your unidentified state and terms of whatever contract you may have with the hotel.
  17. It's not. Of course you do. Everyone ha dozens of legal rights. Do you have a more specific question?
  18. There are multiple cases holding that the Free Exercise Claus in the First Amendment to the federal Constitution does not allow religious use of otherwise illegal drugs without consequence. See, e.g., Employment Division v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872 (1990).
  19. The OP apparently edited it after I responded.
  20. Cool story. Do you have a question?
  21. Presented it to whom? How long ago did the death occur? What is it that makes you describe the will as "very simple and vague"? In what state is this happening? It's worth pointing out that, unless and unless a court appoints him, the deceased's brother is not actually the executor? What does this mean? How so? What steps should you take for what purpose? What does "this style case" mean? I legitimately have no idea what you're talking about. You said the deceased was a friend, so, unless his will leaves something to you, you have no legal interest in his estate. You also said he was a business partner, but you provided zero information about the nature of your business relationship. Without at least some information about that, we have no conceivable way of knowing if or how his death might impact you.
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