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    There is no such thing as the "California Criminal Code." Criminal laws are found in the Penal Code. You can go to the link below, check, the box next to "Penal Code," and run searches. http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html
  2. Not sure what you mean by precedence. You're free to regard it as stolen whenever you want and report the matter to the cops. It will be up to their discretion to regard or not regard the vehicle as stolen.
  3. glscjwmom said... If my father has a will and I am not named in the will, would I still receive any kind of inheritance? Depends on how old you are at the time of his death (Louisiana is the only state that has "forced inheritance" for children under a certain age -- 24, I believe) and when the will was created relative to the date of your birth. glscjwmom said... if my father dies before his wife, what will happen? Tens of thousands of things will happen, most of which are impossible to predict. I would assume it's obvious that, if he dies before his wife, she will (or may) receive a portion of his estate, whereas, if she dies first, she won't. What exactly are you asking here.
  4. "What Statute or common law precendence is there to convince the manager not to use the score cards to publically humiliate employees." I can't imagine why you would think there would be law that would prohibit this.
  5. "Who would we contact to get this resolved." "We"? This obviously doesn't have anything to do with you. Your son's girlfriend and/or her parents should contact your unidentified state's department of labor/employment (if, in fact, she doesn't get paid within a few days).
  6. pg1067

    Age of child

    A child can decide what he or she WANTS at any age, but he/she doesn't get to control where he/she lives until he/she reaches the age of majority.
  7. superbigdog1728 said... Executor of estate which I could become a beneficiary was apparently settled 20 yrs. ago cannot be found. I'm sorry, but this doesn't make much sense. You "could become" (future tense) a beneficiary of an estate that was settled 20 years ago? How could that be possible? superbigdog1728 said... What type of research and/or legal notification is necessary to contact "missing" executor I don't understand this question. In order to contact anyone, you must have some sort of contact information, such as an address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.
  8. Actually, you got two answers.
  9. Sure it's possible. In short, you need to make sure the house gets titled in your name only as your separate property, that the money gets deposited into a bank account in your name only, and that no community property funds get used to pay down any mortgage on the house or to pay for any improvements. I would suggest consulting with a local attorney about the best mechanism to make this happen. Note, by the way, that I don't see any trust issues in your post.
  10. She doesn't have a "legal guardian" until the court declares there to be one. I'm not sure what you mean when you say that the father's "family [gave] up rights when her father passed away." The father's "family" didn't have any rights to give up. It is likely that they have the same rights that the mother's "family" have. Keep in mind, by the way, that the term "family" is inherently vague. "We need to provide her school a legal document showing who is her guardian and can sign papers on her behalf." Someone needs to file a petition to establish a guardianship. If the mother's "family" approves of the mother's boyfriend, then he can apply to be the guardian, and the appropriate family members can file declarations in support of the application. I would expect that family members on the father's side will have to receive notice and an opportunity to object if they wish. Consult local counsel about how best to do this.
  11. There are several mechanisms to enforce a support order (e.g., wage garnishment, bank levy, seizure and sale of assets, etc.). If you were expecting sort of a step-by-step "how to" guide, that's beyond the scope of a message board, I'm afraid. I suggest you contact a local family law attorney.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Did you have a question? If so, be aware that laws vary from state to state.
  13. It's not at all clear from your post why you think proving "mental abuse" would be of any value to your daughter. If there is a divorce action on file, your daughter should seek interim orders regarding custody, visitation, and child support. Having such orders in place will eliminate any ability of her husband to coerce her. As for the issue with the stolen property, it is what it is. If her husband wants to report the issue to the police, it sounds like he'll have to deal with it as well. If your daughter doesn't have an attorney protecting her interests, she should get one ASAP.
  14. pg1067

    child custody

    Your conversations with your shrink are inadmissible because of the doctor-patient privilege.
  15. In any future posts, please make an effort to use something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it easier for others to read and understand what you write. BrentanAdams said... was curious it they could pull up anything else I'm not sure what you have in mind here, and we have no idea what the form your insurer sent you says. BrentanAdams said... I was in a car accident in may and [am] still having neck pain You realize it's still May, right? BrentanAdams said... they say it has been 3 weeks and they will add that in to there claim should i be worried? Worried about what? Keep in mind that it's not clear who "they" are or what "add that in to there [sic?] claim" might mean. BrentanAdams said... Do you think i should seek out an attorney? Your post doesn't suggest any reason why you would do this, but your post also is very difficult to read and provides virtually no relevant facts. All you've told us is that you were in a car accident, that you have neck pain (which is so minimal that you haven't had to take time off work), and that you're dealing with your insurance company. That last piece of information suggests that it was a single car accident. So why would you consult an attorney? If you're thinking you should do so solely with respect to the scope of the HIPAA release, you certainly can do that, but I certainly wouldn't if I were you.
  16. You're free to contact that local police or the FBI about possible criminal sanctions (I believe the FBI has jurisdiction over things that happen on the Internet), but that won't "make sure this person does not do this again." You're also free to file a civil lawsuit, but that too will not "make sure this person does not do this again." It will only (possibly) get you monetary damages. The only way to "make sure this person does not do this again" would be to kill him/her, and that's obviously not an option.
  17. No law affords such a person special treatment.
  18. You didn't ask a question, so it's not really clear what you wanted to know or what sort of response you were expecting. dvlkat13 said... I have drill. ??? dvlkat13 said... I screams and yells at me You scream and yell at yourself? dvlkat13 said... He also refuses to switch weekends with me to cover my drill weekends. What is a "drill weekend"? Keep in mind that he is not obligated to switch weekends just because that's what you would like unless the court order obligates him to do so. dvlkat13 said... He is also not working with me to potty train our son. Every other weekend and every weekday visit, he places my son in a diaper. This is pretty meaningless without knowing your child's age, but it should suffice to say that, while it probably would be beneficial if you two could agree on a potty training plan, he's not obligated to "work with you" on this.
  19. That question makes no sense. What is it you want to know, and what are the relevant facts?
  20. pg1067

    tennent rights

    "Am I able to collect the rent back for those 7 months he did not have such a certificate as he violated the city ordinance?" You still lived there, didn't you? No. "If so, what is the ordinance number I would need to cite in court?" How on Earth would we know? You didn't identify your state, much less your city.
  21. The protective order is directed against him, not you. Of course, if you're seeking a protective order against him, why the F__ would you want to be around him or let him live with you. If/when it comes time to renew the order, your own conduct may justify not extending or renewing the conduct. In other words, your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend might oppose the order with evidence that you initiated contact with him. In light of such evidence, the judge might wonder why you need "protection" from someone you are actively seeking to be around.
  22. pg1067


    I would be surprised if that's the only reason a public school can be closed. However, if such a law does exist, it logically would be in Title 24 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/li/public/cons_index.cfm).
  23. Squeen17 said... I . . . thought the receipt of an engagement ring is considered a contract Ok. I can't imagine where you would have acquired such an understanding. It's certainly not true. Squeen17 said... Do I have a right to the return of my investment since the termination of the relationship/breech of the relationship contract occurred through no fault of my own? First of all, as noted above, there's no contract. Second, I'm not sure what you consider the "breach" here. You said that you terminated the relationship. Whether it was subjectively justifiable for you to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance(e) isn't something with which the law is going to concern itself. For that matter, the law isn't going to be concerned with the fact that you're the one who broke up with him/her. It's beyond inconceivable that someone would put over $100k into a house in which he/she has no ownership interest, and you didn't provide any explanation why you would do such a thing. In the absence of some sort of actual contract with your ex that provided for reimbursement in the event of termination of the relationship, I can't see that you could possibly have any viable claim. However, it couldn't hurt to consult with a local attorney to see if there's some sort of equitable claim that you might advance.
  24. pg1067

    forum selection

    The term "forum selection" is self-defining, but I have no clue what you mean when you refer to "citation for forum selection."
  25. Also, what about discussing the matter with your father?
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