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  1. So...when the lawyer asked you the question how did you respond? I would think that, if you didn't understand what he was asking, you'd have asked him for an explanation. In any case, my response is premised on the assumption that this is a basic revocable trust that people typically establish to avoid their estates going through probate. Putting a trust into effect takes more than just preparing and signing the documents. One must "fund" the trust by putting assets into it. Unless a trust holds title to some asset, it is void. Since these sorts of trusts are often created by people who own real property, one would typically expect to see a deed transferring the person's house from "Jane Doe, an unmarried woman, to Jane Doe, Trustee of the Jane Doe Trust, Dated June 6, 2006" (or something like that).
  2. If he wants to drive in VA, he has to follow VA law. You'd think he'd have figured that after the first ticket or at least the second one!
  3. Depends on the laws of your unidentified state, the terms of your lease, and how fast the courts act on actions to evict commercial tenants.
  4. pg1067

    age of consent

    If you're under 18, you need a parent or guardian to sign off on the marriage. If you're over 16, you're boyfriend is not going get in trouble for having consensual sex with you.
  5. pg1067


    This is a message board for legal issues. Your post implicates no legal issue.
  6. "Is there any Florida law that requires an employer to provide a voided copy of my direct deposit check at the bottom of my pay stub?" No, and your question doesn't make any sense. If your pay is direct-deposited, there is no check. "they say that they do not have ANY voided checks that prove my direct deposit." Why would you think a voided check would "prove" your direct deposit. A direct deposit is a computerized transaction, so the computer records would be the evidence that the direct deposit was made. What is causing you to ask these questions? "How can they not provide a voided direct deposit check like my last employer?" The "how can they" form of the question makes no sense. I don't know what your last employer did. Perhaps, for some inexplicablet reason, it created a paper check to correspond to your direct deposit. My pay stubs have something on the bottom that sort of looks like a check, but it's not. Perhaps you're just confused about what you were getting from your last employer.
  7. pg1067

    Credit check

    Whether an employer has the right depends on the applicable state law, and you didn't identify the state you're asking about.
  8. pg1067

    non payment

    "We were told that if they quit they may not be eligible for unemployment" Told by whom? Contact your state's department of employment/labor.
  9. pg1067

    rental deposit

    Depends on the laws of your unidentified state, and I don't know what a "copy of a walk-through" is. Most states require that a landlord who takes deductions from a tenant's security deposit simply has to provide an explanation for the deductions at the time of the refund of the balance of the deposit (or at the time the deposit otherwise would have been due if the entire deposit is being held). Again, whether he has to provide you with any backup in terms of photographs or whatever depends on your unidentified state's laws.
  10. If a person is unable to pay child support as ordered because of the loss of a job, it is incumbent on the person immediately to seek to have the support order modified.
  11. pg1067

    seeing child

    Honestly, I'm not clear what you're asking about. If there's a court order giving him the right to visitation, then he's free to exercise that right. If his visitation was revoked while he was in prison, then he needs to discuss with a local attorney how he can reinstate it. When you're arguing on the side of a convicted criminal, personal attacks on the other side ring rather hollow.
  12. pg1067

    Parental rights

    Your post raises several question. First, where's the mother? I'm assuming it's the mother's mother who has custody. Second, if he signed away his rights, how is he being allowed visitation? Is it just something the grandmother is permitting informally? Third, when you say he asked to have his rights reinstated and "they" said no, who are "they"? And whom did he ask about having his rights reinstated? It's unfortunate you're boyfriend made a "stupid decision" when he was younger, but decisions have consequences. I'd be willing to bet that whatever he signed had some pretty strong warning language about the decision not being reversable, etc., etc. The law favors stability for children and isn't set up so that parents can go around changing their minds left and right whenever it suits them. That said, I'm not in FL, and I don't know if there's any means for him to reverse what he did. He needs to consult with a local family law attorney ASAP.
  13. You're putting the cart way before the horse in asking about a lawsuit. There's no viable lawsuit until/unless you're acquitted of all charges or charges are dropped. That said, one of the things you mentioned may allow you to beat the charges. The lack of Miranda warnings is irrelevant unless you made some incriminating statement while you were in custody and subject to interrogation. Since there was no warrant, the issue would be whether the cops had probable cause to take you into custody. We don't know that. You need a criminal defense attorney to advise you.
  14. pg1067

    rights to a child

    All fathers have rights with respect to their children upon paternity (which you obviously don't dispute) being established. Do you somehow think that mothers have superior rights as parents simply by virtue of their gender?! Your attacks on the father ring a little hollow. If he's such a bad guy, why did you choose to have sex with him without taking appropriate precautions against pregnancy?!
  15. I'm not in FL, but accountings are generally mandatory (regardless of who the executor is) unless waived by all beneficiaries (and possibly also the court).
  16. You say, "I want to leave my collection of antique toenail clippings to my friend Lothar, whose address is ____, Romania." It makes no difference at all where the beneficiaries live.
  17. I don't understand how your MIL's trust could be "governed by my mil's late mother." What does that mean? "The question is, there is no parenthetical language that describes "who that female issue is"" "Issue" means descendents. Thus, determining the "female issue" at any given time is quite simple. Of course, the living female issue will change over time, so the trust instrument should state the point in time at which the beneficiaries are to be determined. "we have a daughter" OK...she is a "female issue" of your husband's grandmother. "So... in absence of language stating what female issue can inherit, does my daughter have rights to this trust?" We have no possible way of knowing without reading the trust instrument. Apparently, your lawyer sister-in-law has read it and rendered her opinion, and that's far more reliable than anything anyone on any Internet message board can tell you.
  18. Possibly. Obviously, the only information a cop would have about your registration status would be the sticker on your license plate. If you had registered but had not yet put the new sticker on, then it was reasonable for the cop to pull you over, which probably makes everything else ok. On the other hand, if you had replaced the sticker, then there would appear to have been no basis to pull you over.
  19. pg1067

    Former Employer

    If it was truthful, yes, it's legal (unless you had some sort of confidentiality agreement with the former employer).
  20. pg1067

    survivors rights

    I'm not sure what you mean by "heir in joint tenancy" means. I think what you might be saying is that the deceased and some other person owned the house in joint tenancy. If that's the case, then the deceased person's interest in the house passes to the other joint tenant automatically, as a matter of law, upon death. The surviving spouse would effectively be a tenant.
  21. pg1067

    seat belts

    I doubt it's true. I couldn't find anything about it either.
  22. pg1067

    Bad baseball

    I agree with the prior response. Home runs and foul balls are part of the game. The owner/operator of the field would only be liable if he/she/it failed to take reasonable precautions under the circumstances. And, as the other response noted, it's patently obvious to anyone that parking next to a ball field carries SOME risk.
  23. pg1067

    What if you Quit

    You are entitled to be paid for the time you worked.
  24. pg1067

    Store Lost Photos--Help

    As a practical matter, you have no recourse. You could sue for the value of a roll of film, but it's not cost-effective to sue (even in small claims court) for an amount that could not possibly exceed $10-20.
  25. pg1067

    employer rights

    Your question about "rights" is beyond vague, and it's not clear what you want to know about the situation with the fire fighter. I can't imagine any hospital doesn't have an in-house lawyer or lawyer on retainer who could address whatever question you have.
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