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  1. File a motion to modify the existing custody order.
  2. Depends on the relevant facts and circumstances and the terms of the applicable court order(s).
  3. That's probably what I'd do -- especially if "i [could not] go into the coming week without some kind of guidance." It's not unheard of, but most lawyers will have an assistant return calls in situations like that.
  4. Huh? Since when is NM "outside of the United States"?
  5. First, you should have started your own thread rather than tagging onto someone else's thread. Second, the answer in the prior post is wrong (or at least premature). We need more information. I what state do you live? Is that the same state where the child was born? Has your paternity ever been established? If so, how was it established? Is there any court order concerning custody, visitation and support? If so, please summarize it.
  6. pg1067


    What does "the company I'd some work for" mean? Payment for what? Your next step should be to provide a better explanation of the situation you're dealing with. While you're at it, please identify the state where this is happening.
  7. That doesn't make much sense. If she entered on a green arrow, she should have been able to complete her turn. Having a signal go from green arrow to green light -- with no intervening yellow arrow is a recipe for accidents. Is that really how this signal works?
  8. Just to be clear, was she appointed by the probate court to serve as executor? Or is she merely nominated in your mother's will to serve in that capacity? If the will has been submitted for probate, then you should be able to view the file at the courthouse. However, it's possible that there won't be much of anything relevant in there after the order appointing your sister as executor. Ultimately, if the executor isn't doing her job, you can seek to have her removed by the court and request that someone else be appointed.
  9. I highly doubt the SSA simply said that "it would be best" for this to happen without any explanation whatsoever. What reason was given? What was the custody situation prior to the father's death?
  10. Uh huh.... Assuming that left turns were legal at the intersection and that the daughter did not have a green turn arrow, the OP described that her daughter entered the intersection with the intent to turn left, which is legal. The daughter was obligated to wait where she was until it was safe to make the left turn. Apparently, traffic heading the opposite direction was such that it did not become safe until after the light that the daughter was facing had turned red. That is not "running a red light" or otherwise illegal. That said, it's still possible that the 30% liability that the other driver's insurer assigned to the OP's daughter is reasonable since it obviously was not safe for the daughter to turn. However, it's not possible for us to assess that intelligently based on the information provided.
  11. Unless your daughter is a minor or the vehicle belongs to you, "we" have no recourse. Your daughter can either accept the offer or make a counteroffer for a higher amount. If she and the other driver's insurer cannot come to agreement, then her recourse will be to sue the other driver. In what state did this happen? Was your daughter injured, or is the only damage to the vehicle? There's no factual basis in the original post for this conclusion.
  12. I neither live nor practice in Indiana, so this question is beyond my knowledge. My guess, however, is that such a notice is only necessary for an intended move with kids.
  13. The possibility of criminal prosecution cannot legally be used as leverage in a divorce. If she wants a divorce, then she needs to talk with a divorce attorney. Whether she tells her husband that she founds the cameras is obviously up to her.
  14. You really ought to proofread before hitting the "post" button. A pivot? What sort of pump? Huh? A case of what? It's not very clear what your tenant was doing on the pasture. However, if the lease is over, has the tenant vacated the property? If so, and if the tenant failed to install some equipment or failed to leave it in working order, you can sue for breach of contract. Not really sure if there's more to this, but I encourage you to consult with a local attorney for advice.
  15. Generally speaking, a party to a pending divorce case is prohibited from removing minor children from the state without a court order or written permission from the other parent. If your case is pending in Indiana and your kids are in Michigan with your husband, I can think of no conceivable reason why you moving across the river would be a problem.
  16. Using that image would be blatant trademark infringement, but you aren't going to "get your butt sued back into the stone age" -- even if you actually use the flyer. What will happen, however, is that you'll get a cease and desist letter (while I agree with "Tax_Counsel's" comment, your posting the flyer here may well generate the C&D letter). If, after receipt of that letter, you don't remove the infringing image, that is when you'll get sued. As a parent of a band kid (and a lifelong musician), I agree with "cbg" that this image will only detract from your business because it implies a lack of seriousness, and its tone runs contrary to the rest of the flyer. Without that part, it's a good flyer.
  17. Were these stocks held in a brokerage account? If so, did the account designate a pay-on-death beneficiary? Why would you discuss this sort of thing with someone at a bank? Ummm....huh? What was done "before her passing"? Your signature on what? Since you apparently have not been appointed by a probate court as executor/administrator/personal representative of the estate, you have no authority to do anything with your mother's assets.
  18. This question does not raise any legal issue. I have no idea what might persuade the folks who operate the website you mentioned, but this isn't defamation because calling you a "crook" is obvious hyperbole.
  19. You referred to "her husband's closet" and "her bathroom." Do they have separate bathrooms and closets? When your friend told her husband that she found the cameras, what happened? What does your friend want to happen? Does she want her husband criminally prosecuted and fined and/or imprisoned? If so, she can report the matter to the police. Does she want a divorce? If so, then she should consult with a divorce attorney. At the end of the day, what difference does it make if it's a misdemeanor or a felony or not a crime at all because it happened in a husband and wife's shared home?
  20. Since we have no idea what the "original [o]rder" says, we have no way of knowing if it's even possible for the conservator to be in contempt of it. That being the case, all anyone here can tell you is that the conservator should discuss the matter with her attorney. Has she tried to open a new account and been told it's not possible because of the lack of a court order? If not, why do you or does she believe this to be the case? That the bank did do this indicates that the only possible answer to this question is yes.
  21. I'm not going to speculate about what wording might result in a particular outcome (and I doubt anyone else will either). As I indicated previously, one would need to read your lease and the two addendums to answer this question. By the way, in addition to giving your ex-boyfriend notice when you moved out, did you give the landlord notice? Has the landlord made any demand on you for payment?
  22. Told by whom? Also, I assume that we're supposed to infer that you did not sign the two addendums. Correct? One would need to read your lease and the two addendums to answer this question. Who says you can't? And how exactly would you propose to "force" him?
  23. Aside from suing, for all I know, the guy is a loon who might do any manner of crazy s***.
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