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  1. Again, the only thing I posted at the other site was a link to the thread at this site where I did "address the issues [you] addressed." How was posting a link to this existing discussing "undermining" of your efforts? It wasn't, and it certainly wasn't "hostile."
  2. You can't force your former landlord to speak with your plumber. If you believe you're entitled to more money back from your deposit, your recourse is to sue (presumably in small claims court). Before you do that, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with California's security deposit law and determine whether or not your former landlord complied with it.
  3. Not sure it matters, but why would your doctor have any opinion about the security in your current residence? Why exactly can you not "get to the office." You presumably have the ability to move to an entirely new residence, how is it that you're unable to "get to the office"? Regardless, have you asked your landlord to email you this form so that you can fill it out and get it back to him/her by email (or some other reasonable alternative)? Is there some reason why any of these people can't wheel you over to the office or pick up the form for you? As to the second point, that's kind of a no-brainer. Something like that would only be in the lease if it were specifically bargained for or if it were an assisted living facility. As for the first point, so what? If you read my prior comments (as well as "adjusterjack's" response), then you already know the answer.
  4. If you lived in Virginia until December 10, 2018, I'm a little unclear how you could have much of an opinion about the weather in Ventura County, CA "last year." However, I think the weather in Southern California in 2018 was pretty great. I assume you meant uninhabitable. Who is he? The owner? Since you've moved out, why would you care if the owner is talking to a plumber? What should you do about what? You said that you moved out, so the hot water issue has obviously been resolved. You mentioned something about someone "giv[ing] [y]our money back," but I'm not sure what you meant by that. Huh?
  5. Since the thread at the other site has been closed, I'm going to comment here on something you wrote there. You wrote, to folks who responded at the other site, including me, "I really don't understand the hostility." What I'd like to know is how it is you think I displayed any hostility, given that the only thing I posted at the other site was a link to this thread.
  6. "They"? A company is an it, and yes, it can sue you. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. I'm curious, though, how you know that your "tax reduction company" wants to sue you. Did he/she tell you anything beyond, "we want to sue you"? Specifically, did this person tell you anything about any actual damage that the company suffered as a result of your alleged defamation? Did this person explain how he/she thought suing for "libel and slander" could be possible based on a written statement? What is the business entity form of the company (i.e., is it a corporation or an LLC or something else)? If the company is an artificial entity such as a corporation or LLC, does your unidentified state's laws allow such entities to bring defamation suits? The of this almost certainly is that the person who told you that the company "wants to sue" is just butthurt. There's virtually no way that the company suffered any damage as a result of your juvenile comment, and it's virtually certain that any court would rule that your comments were not actionable statements of fact but, rather, were non-actionable statements of opinion.
  7. How many months ago (i.e., exactly when did you sign)? You can ask the court to allow a telephonic or video conference appearance. As far as the rest of this, no one who posts here regularly is an attorney in Arizona (much less a family law attorney), so no one here is going to be able to walk you through this process. You really need to figure out a way to pay for an attorney and, since the mother apparently supports your efforts, perhaps she'll be willing to contribute to the costs. The other possibility would be for the mother to file a proceeding to establish one of her other sexual partners as the father of the child. After all, if you're not the biological father, someone else must be. Hopefully, the mother can narrow it down to no more than one or two other men. P.S. The comments on this thread at another site suggest you may have have given us the entire story.
  8. Is there more to "poor quality of work" than some white residue on the car? What is the white residue? Does it wipe or wash off? Did you ever get anything in writing about a warranty? What does the supposed warranty apply to? Parts? Labor? Both? After Ken told you there was no warranty, did you talk with Pete about the situation? If not, why not? If so, what was his explanation for Ken saying there is no warranty when he had told you there is a warranty? So...the works' not even done? If it's not done, why are you worried about a white residue on the car? Do you have reason to believe that, when the work is done, it won't be gone? Also, is this repair work covered by insurance? If so, do you have rental car coverage? Giving someone a check with the intent of stopping payment on it would be a crime. You can do as you please with your car. I don't understand what "file[] a small claims action . . . for a reduced bill" might mean. You can do as you like with your own checks. If you're asking if there's a way you can force the repair shop to give you your car without paying for the work, the answer is no, and nothing you wrote suggests you have any viable legal claim. If, when you pick up your car, the work isn't done properly, then you might have a viable claim.
  9. pg1067


    For what? Because? I'm not sure I follow this. You wrote that the DMV revoked your license, so why would you "check on this through [your] local law enforcement" or surrender your license to local law enforcement? Local law enforcement have nothing to do with a DMV revocation. I'm now about halfway through the first paragraph, and I can't understand the connection between your "arrest[] at a bar" and the revocation of your license. Since you haven't described what happened or why with any clarity, it's going to be awfully difficult for anyone here to tell you anything useful.
  10. No. Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is terminated in violation of law. More often than not, it involves discrimination based on things like race, ethnicity, gender, etc. By any chance is/was your husband a member of a labor union that has a collective bargaining agreement with his former employer? Your description of the job make me think that might be the case. Also, in what state did this happen?
  11. I sure did. Why did you tag your post onto a thread that was started over six years ago, which has been dormant for nearly five years, and which has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject matter of your post?
  12. Sorry, but what exactly does "handling the her death" mean? Not really clear what you mean by this. Any lawyer, regardless of location, can look at what the Toledo lawyer has done and give you an opinion. Beyond that, it depends on what exactly the Toledo lawyer is doing. I agree that answers to the questions that "adjusterjack" asked may prove helpful.
  13. What insurance company? Yours? An insurer who provided a policy to the owner of the storage facility? What sort of policy are we talking about? Do you have a copy of the policy? Why doesn't the insurer "want to pay"? What is the antecedent of "their"? In other words, whose "flyer"? So...wait...in the first sentence of your post, you wrote that the insurer didn't "want to pay," but now you seem to be saying that the insurer is willing to pay, Which is it? Sure. Any attorney licensed to practice law in your unidentified state "can take on this case," but it's not clear from your post whether you have a viable case or against whom.
  14. Bottom line: If your lease provides for this charge, then it's legal; if it doesn't, then your landlord cannot legally force you to pay it.
  15. Again, what did you mean by "statutory beneficiary to a will"? As I explained previously, that term doesn't make much sense -- especially if it is correct that the trust is the only beneficiary under the will.
  16. I'm not sure who "they" are, but no one can legally force you to do anything except what is required in your loan agreement. You can write whatever you like on your checks, but payments should be applied in accordance with the loan agreement. I've never heard of an agency called "Consumer Finance," and your recourse if "things go sideways" will obviously depend on exactly what happens.
  17. This is confusing, but it doesn't appear to make a lick of difference for purposes of the question you asked. So...your car was stopped at a red light? Which I assume are being fully or mostly paid by your personal medical insurer. Correct? You won't ever be able to "go after the company." You go after the driver. In any event, unless your settlement agreement is worded to allow for additional recovery in the event of such an occurrence (which would be so unusual as to be nearly out of the realm of possibility), you will get nothing more than the 50% payment. As the name implies, intercompany arbitration is entirely and exclusively between the participating insurers. It has nothing to do with the insureds or their claims. Were you carrying collision coverage at the time of the accident? If so, did your insurer cover the damage to your car (less your deductible)?
  18. For starters, you're going to have to explain what you mean by "statutory beneficiary to a will." The intestate law governs who gets what when there is no will, but a beneficiary of a will is not "statutory" in any way. Beyond that, it is generally the case that anyone mentioned in a will has a right to a copy. Moreover, if the will is probated, it will be part of the public case file. As far as any "associated trust," you're going to have to explain what you mean by that as well. Which specific law(s) are you talking about? The settlor can specify that, but the specific facts matter a lot. The trustee can restrict access to only those persons required by law to have access.
  19. This thread is nearly a year and a half old....
  20. I agree with the prior response, but only to a point. First, whether there was any disclosure obligation with something like this depends on the applicable state law. Unfortunately, you chose to ignore the pull-down menu that allows you to identify your state. Second, if seller or seller's agent made a misrepresentation, that could be actionable. However, it does not appear that you spoke with the seller. Rather, you spoke with your agent, who obviously wouldn't know anything, and the seller's agent, but you didn't describe anything that the seller's agent told you, so it doesn't appear that any actionable representation was made.
  21. What does this mean? That depends on what you mean by "just put them out." You're the landlord. You'll have to evict them by following the applicable law. Not sure what law you're talking about, but "tenant at sufferance" simply describes the type of tenants you have.
  22. Stop tagging your stuff onto old posts that have nothing to do with your situation. If you have a question, start your own thread.
  23. Start your own thread instead of tagging onto old, unrelated threads.
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