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  1. 3 hours ago, Carla johnson Navarro said:

    IAM trying to get a copy of my rental agreement other from landlord




    Here's what you posted in the other thread:


    "How can I get a copy of my rental agreement other than the landlord"?


    As I told you in that other thread, the answer is to look in your file cabinet where you keep your copy of the lease.


    Is there a reason why you might think anyone other than you or your landlord would have a copy?

  2. 9 hours ago, KdelValle said:

    Is this not blatant discrimination against me because I am single?


    Of course not.  You're both getting $X in benefits.  The difference is that, because they don't need your employer to provide health coverage, all of their benefits are coming in the form of wages, which your benefits are divided between wages and health coverage.  It has nothing to do with marital status.  Rather, it has to do with them having other health coverage.  They could just as easily be single and still covered on a parent's health insurance.

  3. 56 minutes ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    I purchased some furniture through a company who didn’t report to the credit bureaus.


    I assume this was a credit sale.  Correct?  What made you believe that this company didn't report?



    56 minutes ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    This was the whole purpose of choosing this company.


    Was the company aware of this before you made the purchase?  Does the contract contain any sort of agreement about not reporting?



    58 minutes ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    Nowhere in the contract does it state that they will report payment activity to major bureaus.


    Does it say that it won't do so?



    59 minutes ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    Is this legal


    Subject to how you answer my questions above, it almost certainly is.



    59 minutes ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    is there anyway to keep them from reporting.


    Again, subject to how you answer my questions, unlikely.



    1 hour ago, TruNativeBeauty said:

    What are my options?


    Likely, pay the account or refinance.

  4. 1 hour ago, adjusterjack said:

    Who are you talking to at the manufacturer? Positions, not names? If you are talking to customer service people you may be wasting your time. I suggest you go to the top and deal directly with the people who run the company.


    LOL.  This is a multi-million dollar company.  The folks at the top aren't going to deal with a minor customer service issue.

  5. In any future posts, please pay better attention to proper capitalization and punctuation so that we can more easily read and understand what you write.



    3 hours ago, Very confused said:

    they shot him 7 times in front of me and now I am messed up in the head cuz of it. I dont like to go anywhere except stay at home n to my appointments other then that I am always home. So is there anything I can do about this 


    I assume your "friend" was wanted for one or more rather serious crimes and was considered to be dangerous.  Regardless, I'm sure you "can do" lots of things, the most obvious being that you should seek help from a mental health professional.  If you're thinking you have some basis to sue the police because of this, you don't.

  6. 59 minutes ago, cbg said:

    I'm not talking about just saying, "I'm with Terry". I'm talking about walking up to the desk and saying, "Checking in for Terry McVey's party". Weddings and other large groups don't always give the names of each person staying.


    If there were a reservation for umpteen rooms under one person's name, that might be a different story.*  However, it appears that the OP had a single room reserved under his/her name.  If that's the case, no hotel should have checked in the OP or given keys out to anyone but the registered guest.  Simply saying, "I'm checking in for So-and-So's party," should result in a response along the lines of, "I'm sorry.  I can't check you in because your name isn't on the reservation.  Mr./Ms. So-and-So will have to be here."


    * At the moment, I'm coordinating a trip for a large group of high school students.  Our hotel reservation is under the school/group's name with my name as the contact.  We have to provide a list of guests a month ahead of time, and the hotel is not giving out keys to anyone but me (or someone I designate in advance).


    Again, though, no damages = no legal issue, and since the OP hasn't returned and claimed to have been damaged in some way (indeed, the original post expressly disclaims any "injury"), this is all academic.

  7. 1 hour ago, Chudson said:

    I contacted [the manufacturer] on June the 22nd and have had several phone calls with them asking me the same questions


    The same questions as what?  Your post doesn't mention any questions.



    1 hour ago, Chudson said:

    do I have a case to at least recover the damages?


    Probably, and I strongly suspect you'll be offered some payment.  Given that it's been over three weeks, I suggest a follow up call.



    47 minutes ago, PayrollHRGuy said:

    They may well be reduced due to your own negligence when you left it burning with the gas not turned off at the source.


    While it's possible that the manufacturer could try to low-ball the OP for this reason, I think it's a bit of a stretch.  Given that this sounds like less than $1k in damage, I doubt the company will play around with it.

  8. 1 hour ago, Data-Sprocket said:

    I work for a large multinational company based in the US.  Everyone in my group are based in France except for my direct boss and myself.


    And you and your boss are based where?  For the time being, I'll assume you're in the U.S.



    1 hour ago, Data-Sprocket said:

    I do not know what I should do


    What you've described is not in any way illegal.  That French wasn't a "required skill" doesn't mean you're guaranteed that not knowing it won't pose roadblocks.  That being said, I agree with the prior response.

  9. 17 minutes ago, RetiredinVA said:

    If your case involves uncontested liability and reasonably appropriate and necessary medical cost of over twice the policy limits. and documented long term pain and suffering there are few adjusters who would not throw in the limits

      This is especially true where the limits  are as low as $15,000.  I suspect your case has a problem somewhere




  10. 1 hour ago, Morschhauser111 said:

    How is that ok?


    Not really sure what this question is supposed to mean.  If I substitute the word "legal" for the word "ok," then the answer is that everything is legally unless made expressly illegal by some law.



    1 hour ago, Morschhauser111 said:

    He was denied first round for “not letting his boss know he was entering an application,” but the position is the same as our bosses, so should she even be able to be a part of the process?


    If you're asking whether it's legal for your boss to be part of the process, the answer is yes (assuming, as mentioned in the prior response, that we're talking about a private employer and not some government agency).



    1 hour ago, Morschhauser111 said:

    They also very quickly removed all the men from the hiring process. Not sure if that’s significant, but something really feels wrong about everything.


    If done intentionally, then this would be illegal (unless the position involves spying on a women's sports team or something like that).



    1 hour ago, Morschhauser111 said:

    is it worth bringing up to HR?


    No one on an internet message board has any insight into what might be "worth it" to you.

  11. You didn't ask a question, so it's unclear what the purpose of your post is.



    1 hour ago, Debra said:

    I am renting space


    Please elaborate as to what this means.



    1 hour ago, Debra said:

    and stayed with a friend to help him recuperate from injury.


    So...for some unstated period of time, you moved out of the "space" you were renting in order to live with a friend.  Correct?  How long was that?  Did you tell your landlord that you'd be doing this and that it was only temporary?  Did you take all of your belongings with you?



    1 hour ago, Debra said:

    home owner said it was fine to come back to her home.


    "Home owner"?  Meaning your landlord?  When did she say this?



    1 hour ago, Debra said:

    When I got here all lights were off and doors locked.


    You don't have a key?

  12. 1 hour ago, adjusterjack said:


    I'm going to throw your own words back at you:  read the actual law, not just an article about the law.  While it does, indeed, seem that this law was passed in 1999, I can find no evidence that it still exists.  There is no Title 13.7 of Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code or a section 2870 or 2871.  Nor is there a Title 11.65 in Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure or sections 1776-1784.  Also, the reference in the article to the Vandeberg case makes no sense since that case had nothing to do with this issue.


    Nor could I find a case that cited to this legislation.


    If you can find some actual law, I'll take a look.



    1 hour ago, adjusterjack said:


    That jury instruction "is for use in an 'excess judgment' case; that is one in which judgment was against the insured for an amount over the policy limits, after the insurer rejected a settlement demand within policy limits."  It has nothing to do with third-party bad-faith actions.

  13. 13 hours ago, naylahknee said:

    I could sue the insurance company for bad faith


    You could (anyone can sue anyone for anything), but you'll quickly lose and be required to pay the insurance company's court costs.  California does not recognize a cause of action for bad-faith against an insurer arising out of a third-party claim.  Your recourse is to do what I previously suggested or sue the other driver.  You can also submit a complaint to the California Department of Insurance.

  14. 50 minutes ago, naylahknee said:

    I was rear ended 2/14/2018.  Had physical therapy, missed work and  continue to have ongoing back problems.  Insurance company refuses to pay the policy limit of 15k and only offered 10k


    I assume you're talking about the other driver's liability insurance carrier.  Correct?



    51 minutes ago, naylahknee said:

    Should I sue the at fault driver


    If you can't get the other driver's insurer to put more money on the table and aren't willing to accept what's being offered, then this is your only option.



    51 minutes ago, naylahknee said:

    or try to sue the insurance company for bad faith?


    Depending on the laws of your unidentified state, it is unlikely that a bad faith cause of action by a third-party claimant such as yourself is recognized as valid.  Even if you could do this, I seriously doubt you have the ability to self-litigate against an insurance company that will be represented by legal counsel.



    53 minutes ago, naylahknee said:

    I just want this over with


    Then take the $10k.



    53 minutes ago, naylahknee said:

    but my medical bills are over 32k.


    Then there's got to be some reason why the insurer isn't offering the $15k policy limits.  It's not just doing it for s***s and giggles.


    If I were you, I'd consult with a few local PI attorneys and see if they think they can be of any value to you.  As noted above, while a lawyer charging a 1/3 contingent fee would be of no value to you, it's possible you can find one willing to accept less than that for a limited scope of work.

  15. 3 hours ago, AZ-native said:

    If I buy product from another country and sell online (which has the trademarked images) would I be able to use the First Sale Doctrine in my defense if a company tries to sue me for trademark infringement?


    Is the product licensed by the owner of the trademark?  If not, the answer is no.  Also, I'm not sure what "tries to sue" might mean.



    3 hours ago, AZ-native said:

    How would I go about getting verification that a company has a trademark license, and confirming, to produce the apparel?


    By asking the seller for a copy of the license.



    3 hours ago, AZ-native said:

    Is there a disclaimer that I can post on the website I plan to build to let any trademark owners know that I am a reseller, not a producer?


    You can use all the disclaimers you like.  Whether they'll do you any good is impossible to know in the abstract.



    3 hours ago, AZ-native said:

    Would I also have to obtain a trademark license from the company in order to post them online?


    In most cases, if the product is properly licensed, no.



    3 hours ago, AZ-native said:

    Will I need to obtain an EIN and create a business entity (LLC) if I were to go forward, prior to the site going live?


    You don't "need to . . . create a business entity," and you only need an EIN if you create a corporation or an LLC.

  16. On 7/13/2019 at 3:41 PM, Witness said:

    Was this a criminal act?


    No way to know, but probably not.  Simply saying that someone is "disabled" conveys no useful information.  Also, so what?  Do you think that having your wife criminally prosecuted and, potentially incarcerated will be of any benefit to you?



    On 7/13/2019 at 3:41 PM, Witness said:

    What can be done to protect disabled spouse?


    He can seek a divorce and an order that the wife pay alimony.

  17. 19 hours ago, cajungirl228 said:

    I just don't understand how a ADA is allowed to say something like this to the jury and nothing be done about it.


    Did the defense attorney object?


    If your question is whether the single quoted bit in your original post constitutes prosecutorial misconduct, the answer is that it likely doesn't.  Any sort of discussion about those two quoted sentence, completely out of context, would be utterly pointless.  You are, of course, free to hire a lawyer to review the entire trial record and advise you.



    17 hours ago, cajungirl228 said:

    I am looking for more than just "general information".


    Then the question you asked -- "Can someone tell me about prosecutorial misconduct during a criminal trial?" -- was not well-thought out.



    17 hours ago, cajungirl228 said:

    I am hoping to get insight on what actual legal steps can be taken.


    You are free to ask your cousin's lawyer about what happened and whether anything can be done.  Or you can hire an attorney yourself to review the record.  However, you have no standing to take any action in a case in which you weren't a party.



    17 hours ago, cajungirl228 said:

    The phrase I quoted is far from "out of context"


    Of course it is.  You provided zero other information about the case.  That's what "out of context" means.

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