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  1. pg1067

    Minor accident in parking lot

    I'm having a hard time visualizing what happened based on your description, but the answer is that no one is at fault until your insurer, the other driver's insurer or a court makes a determination. What does "trying to say" mean? I assume no one was injured. Correct? Does the other driver agree that his/her car was not damaged? If not, what is the other driver claiming in terms of damage? Was your car damaged? If so, what is the extent of the damage? I'm guessing that any damage was not particularly significant, which means it's a bit of a crap shoot whether or not it's worth making a claim against your own collision coverage. If you do make such a claim, you'll have to pay a deductible. The alternative would be to make a claim against the other driver's liability insurance and, if the other driver's insurer denies the claim, you'd have to sue the other driver (presumably in small claims court).
  2. pg1067

    Primary parent died

    No one can legally "take" your children other than child protective services, and you've given no indication that there is any reason that CPS would get involved. As I mentioned previously, your children's deceased father's former fiancée has no legal claim whatsoever regarding your children. Nor do any members of the father's family have any ability to "take" your children. If any of these folks are bothered that the kids' standard of living will go down now that they live with you, they are free to provide you with monetary support. Beyond that, the only thing that any of these folks can do legally is seek court-ordered visitation. P.S. The insinuation in the prior response that you did something wrong is absurd and not supported by any actual facts provided.
  3. pg1067

    What to do after Mediation

    So...you settled the case? Is this just a child support case or is it a divorce case? If the latter, did you settle all issues in the divorce? Does your "ex" have an attorney? If so, he/she ought to be handling the process of getting things finalized.
  4. pg1067

    What to do after Mediation

    What papers? I can say with some degree of confidence that no one here is going to know how to turn some unidentified papers into a court order (or even what that might mean). Not really sure what your question is here, but you certainly should be notified regarding any scheduling matters.
  5. pg1067

    jury tampering

    And yet you posted on a message board for criminal law issues.... Any particular reason for that? What does "pull ex parte on me" mean? Cases (plural)? Transferred the cases where? And on what basis? Also, since attorneys cannot unilaterally transfer cases, I assume this means the court ordered the transfer at the behest of the attorney. Correct? "Guilty" is a concept that exists in criminal matters. It does not mean anything in the context of "a civil case." Just FYI, none of this makes any real sense. I suppose, but who would actually do that? Very few people sit around looking up records relating to pending criminal cases. Can you do what?
  6. pg1067

    Citation for making an illegal u-turn

    What is the statute number indicated on your ticket that you were cited for violating? Please identify the intersection and the city where this occurred so that we can look it up on Google maps.
  7. pg1067


    Why? You didn't give him the password, did you? What do your age and veteran status have to do with anything? Why do you say alleged contract? If you didn't accept the Fedex delivery, how do you know what it was? Why do you "need[] an electronic transmitted contract"? What was the nature of the duress? Why did you buy a car from a dealer so far from where you live? Beyond that, you didn't as a question (the one sentence in your post that ends with a question mark isn't actually a question), so I'm uncertain what the purpose of your post is.
  8. pg1067

    Primary parent died

    First, you told us that you did "take them," so I don't really understand what that part of your question means. Second, they're your kids, and since the other parent is dead, that means you have superior rights to anyone else in the world, unless a court says otherwise. Under the circumstances, it would not be unreasonable for the court to allow the former fiancée to have visitation. However, I don't know the extent to which North Carolina law allows non-parents other than grandparents to seek visitation.
  9. pg1067

    Primary parent died

    That's not really an issue. Your children's deceased father's former fiancée has no legal claim whatsoever regarding your children. Told by whom? What "legal papers"? It's possible that one of the persons you mentioned might seek a court order for visitation. At the moment, there doesn't appear to be any reason to do that. If someone files some "legal papers" and serve them on you, you'll have to re-evaluate this question.
  10. No, it's not. It's no different than a teacher "indoctrinating" students into Christianity, and that obviously happens every day at schools all over the country. As I pointed out in my prior response, you are free to report what you witnessed to anyone you want, including, but not limited to, the person's superiors, the local media, etc. But it's not a legal issue. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm certainly taking your post with a grain of salt in that I don't know you (so you have no inherent credibility) and, for all I know, you misinterpreted what you saw. I'll give you an example: I have photographs of kids in the local high school marching band that look like they're giving Nazi salutes. They're not, but it looks like that. Beyond that, why would I or anyone else be alarmed that some unknown person at an unknown school in an unknown state may have done what you described? Why should that alarm me? Moreover, how do you know I'm not alarmed? Was the purpose of your post to obtain the answer to a question or to alarm people? I might be very alarmed or bothered by what you described, but it doesn't change the fact that your question raises no legal issue. Would you rather we all lie and say, "heck yeah it's illegal! Let's string that m-f-er up!"? Is that what you were hoping for? Please don't post obviously moronic stuff like this.
  11. This question makes little sense. How you are being sued is because your former landlord filed a lawsuit. If you're asking for complete strangers to explain the landlord's thought process, that's obviously a little silly. No, but the fact that the landlord re-let the premises before your lease term expired -- if proven -- is obviously a defense.
  12. pg1067

    Children truancy

    In any future posts, please make an effort to use something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it easier to read and understand what you write. Your "ex" what? Ex-wife? Ex-girlfriend? Ex-something else? If you were never married to this woman, was your paternity ever established? If so, how was it established? Is there a court order regarding child custody, visitation and support? Everything else in your post depends on how you answer these questions. Also, are you sure the mother isn't home-schooling the child?
  13. Your post raises no legal issue whatsoever. Report it to whomever you want.
  14. pg1067

    LLC Voting

    Can it happen? Sure. Is it legal? Depends on the terms of the LLC's operating agreement. If there are two managers, there can never be a majority or minority. There can only be unanimity or an even split. Depends on what the operating agreement says. It makes sense, but it's a dumb way to set up an LLC. Now this doesn't make sense. Well...what that effectively means is that A calls all the shots, so setting it up with the illusion that B has any say in anything is silly. You didn't say who you are in this scenario, but I suggest consulting with a local attorney for a review of the operating agreement and advice.
  15. pg1067

    Cabinets half installed

    FYI, it is illegal for a home improvement contractor to require a down payment in excess of $1,000 or 10% of the value of the contract, whichever is less. Like everyone, you have dozens of legal rights, but creating or attempting to create a list of rights would serve no useful purpose. Carefully read your contract. It is unlikely that you have any obligation to pay "the rest of the money before [the contractor] finish[es]." If you can't resolve this to your satisfaction, consider making a claim against the contractor's license bond. You can look up the contractor and obtain info regarding his bond at the State License Board's website.