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  1. The use tax is the same percentage of the purchase price of the vehicle as the sales tax in whatever county you reside in. You can try to register the vehicle in another state BUT, since you are a CA resident, you are required to have the vehicle registered in CA in order to drive it so you've accomplished nothing but paying additional fees to another state to register it there first. In another post you talked about renewing your ID card. If you don't have a license to drive in CA, you can't drive the car anywhere. You also won't be allowed to complete the registration without providing proof of insurance.
  2. GuessAgain

    grace period

    What does your rental agreement say? If it doesn't provide a "grace period," your rent is due on the day it's due and not a day later. OTOH, if it doesn't provide for a late fee, the landlord isn't entitled to that either.
  3. GuessAgain


    Prosecutors "file charges," victims/citizens make/give reports of crimes to the police. How long after an event has happened that a prosecutor has to file the charges depends both upon state law AND the nature of the charge. It's not 'expedite,' it's extradite and ALL states will extradite when requested by any other sister state.
  4. You are/were represented by counsel. HE would be the one who was notified by the other side. If he didn't tell you, that's an issue between him and you.
  5. In the legal system, there are court days and calendar days. The general rule is if the statute does not specify court days, then it is calendar days so if the statute in your unidentified state says 20 days, it's 20 calendar days.
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    11358. Every person who plants, cultivates, harvests, dries, or processes any marijuana or any part thereof, except as otherwise provided by law, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison.
  7. The principles of collateral estoppel/issue preclusion embodied in the 5th Amendment double jeopardy clause would preclude the state from trying the defendant again. See Ashe v. Swenson (1970) 397 U.S. 436; Simpson v. Florida (1971) 403 U.S. 384.
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    It is illegal to purchase or possess them in MO.
  9. With regard to what, specifically?
  10. GuessAgain

    paul montroy

    Without any further information, how do you expect anyone on here to know?
  11. Depends upon what state or if it's a federal prosecution.
  12. I seriously doubt he was actually told that by an attorney because it simply is not correct. When your home state suspends your driving privilege, it is suspended in all other states and you cannot drive in any state. Should you change your state of residence, that new state cannot and will not issue you a license as long as the prior state suspension exists.
  13. Not_Guilty said... Now the next step would be to appeal to small claims court No, you file an appeal in superior court. Not_Guilty said... How can I appeal the decision of a hearing when I believe there was no hearing? There was a decision. That is what you appealing. Not_Guilty said... The real question now is: Should I move on with the small claims appeal or can I countersue the county in a whole new case for not following proper procedure? It's not a small claims appeal. It's an appeal to the superior court. If you filed it in small claims, you're never going to hear anything because you didn't file it in the right place. NO, you can't sue the county. First, parking enforcement is handled by the city cops/traffic officers, not the county. That means it's also likely you demanded information from the wrong agency to begin with. Second, you challenge the procedures in the context of what happened to the higher court--the superior court. Not_Guilty said... I heard the term "mandate of writ" in this context. Is that an avenue I can pursue and how would it work? It's called a writ of mandate and it isn't available in your type of factual situation at this point in time.
  14. You're kidding. There are literally hundreds of thousands of cases nationwide if you count all those in both state and federal courts that have been published since the Constitution & 4th Amendment were ratified in 1788.
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