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  1. The others are right. You can't get originals, but you are entitled to copies of the original docs. On the other hand, the debt collector has a right to collect based on their docs, but that's all they have--a right to collect. You don't have to pay until and unless you see the copies. That said, you'll be at an impasse. You can contact the original lender and get the docs; the problem is that they'll just refer you to their debt collector and be in an endless loop. You could try writing (not calling) directly to the original lender and asking for a copy, without telling them of the debt collector, and they may help you. Otherwise you'd have to wait for a lawsuit and if they couldn't come up with the original docs, and assuming you fought it, you'd likely get the case tossed out...which isn't the same as winning or erasing the debt.
  2. I agree that you have many options. It's probably better for your boyfriend to consult an attorney since it's hard to do anything from Italy. I loved Florence, by the way. Best 3 weeks of my life... Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  3. Wow, at this point you better hope she qualified as a citizen long ago, because if she tries to naturalize now she'll be deported very quickly. Consult with an attorney right away. There are too many factors for me to tell you here. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
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    That's a bit complicated. There are various visas he may qualify for but it's hard to know without a lot more info. In general you should be prepared to $2500-5000 per petition. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  5. Yes, hire an attorney right away. Binh Bui Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  6. The information you provided is incomplete and this seems too complex a question to answer here. Have you consulted with an attorney? Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  7. The lawyer talking about the waiver is correct. That's his only way to legally enter. Waivers aren't granted often. He'll most likely have to wait for the ban to expire. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  8. No, it cannot be used for spousal support purposes. That document ensures that the government doesn't have to support the immigrant spouse. In cases where the government would have to support, it can and should be reimbursed by the sponsoring spouse. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  9. I think you have it confused. If your child is born in the US, she or he is a US citizen and cannot lose that. My guess (I'm not an Indian lawyer) is that since you are still Indian citizens your child will automatically be an Indian citizen as well. Your child may both dual citizenship. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  10. It means your next step is an interview, then granted green card status. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
  11. Renshaw said... I am the daughter of a woman born in Russia who moved to France and became a French citizen. She then married an American, was naturalized and became an American citizen. Do I hold both American and French citizenships? That depends. You probably have a Russian passport still, right? Whether you are a French citizen depends on what you or your mother did in France. Whether you're an American, I'm not sure. When did you mom naturalize? If she did it before you were 18, then you are also an American citizen. If not, you may not be.
  12. littletoni said... i just came in unitet states throug DV lottery program. and i live in CT now i am having problems to rent a house and find a job too. i do not have any credit score couse my ssn is new so owners of the houses refuse to rent me a house. how can i figure out the house problem? second question: does the us goverment have any responsability to finnd me a job regarding my dificult positionn? It's not your SSN that counts, it's your lack of credit history, that landlords are concerned about. Credit is a form of trust--the better the credit, the more you can be trusted to pay for your bills. The US government is definitely NOT here to help you find a job, although there are some government programs that train you in some states. The government in our non-socialist society is (mostly) not responsible for your welfare. You're on your own. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
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    emy2008 said... how much will it cost to adjust to a perment resident if the services of a lawyer is desired. he is among the DV 2010 lottrey winners and resides in the state of maryland. info on processing time is appreciated. A lawyer for immigration can be from any state, not just Maryland. The cost of such an AOS should be no more than $1500 (government fees not included) unless there are some complications. Good luck. Binh Bui, Attorney at Law www.aipglaw.com
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