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  1. Is there a way to move to a different judge or jurisdiction within California? The DHSS group in SJC and the judge on the case seem to ignore the facts in the case.
  2. So I would have to request a change to another court of competence if I moved and sought the change? I sought modification on both her move to Louisiana and her marriage, but the San Joaquin County (CA) did not believe it was enough to modify the order, which was surprising. I enter the financial data in other state's child support guideline worksheets and what is $ 790 in CA is generally about $ 450 in other states (LA, MD, AL, CO, etc), so yes I exaggerated, it is usually only ~ %100 more expensive on the working parent (the parent with a job, my ex refuses to get a job now, and SJC CA court system was ok with that) in California vs. other states. You would think that they would take into account that she could work, the younger kids are now 11 and 9. And I also exaggerated that Louisiana is the cheapest state to live in, I am just frustrated at how the court system has handled this case. Thanks for the info.
  3. My Child Support amount was set in California where the pay rate is %250 higher than any other state for the working parent. My ex wife was cheating on me and decided to leave. Unfortunately I was the working parent so the two youngest of the four children went with her. The amount California set for me to pay was outrageously high and has left me totally broke. Meanwhile my ex and her new husband have moved to the cheapest state in the country to live, Louisiana, and use my child support payments to live in a new house, with new cars, etc. I need to move out of California to another state, would the jurisdiction for the child support and the support guidelines change since neither of us would be in California at that point?
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