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  1. I purchased the HeySilkySkin Laser Hair Removal Handset from heysilkyskin.com. The website and the several ads I saw on IG advertise the 90-day money back guarantee. I tried out the laser but didn't really see results so I decided to return it. I have my original proof of purchase and it is within the 90-days since I purchased it so I emailed them about the return process. I was told I couldn't get my money back because I hadn't sent them an email when I got the product with the subject line "90-Day Money Back Guarantee". They said this was necessary for users interested in trying the product risk-free for 90 days. Based on the proof of purchase, I definitely have not had the product for more than 90-days. The only place only time the company mentions this step is on the 90 day money back guarantee page. It was not listed on the product page, any confirmation email, or in the instructional booklet sent with the product. Is this legal? It seems like they didn't fully disclose the details of the money back guarantee. Maybe this FTC law could help my case: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2005-title16-vol1/pdf/CFR-2005-title16-vol1-sec239-2.pdf. It seems like at the very least they didn't tell people where to find the full guarantee in their advertising. Essentially, I just want to (1) send a strongly-worded, legal-sounding email to them and if that doesn't work I want to (2) file a claim with the Consumer Protection Bureau. Attached is the email with customer service. Thanks in advance for any advice offered!
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