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  1. An Attorney in northern CA is welcome to represent I have tons of proof in my medical records.The arbitration was decided and filed 2 weeks before statue limit ran out.
  2. its arbitration with Kaiser I am plaintiff
  3. what I want to know is should I show him the contradictions btwn MDs or let him figure it out for himself he didn't know about emails till I sent a couple I am acting pro per and don't want toscrew up discovery and make it so my evidence is insubmissable
  4. the defense attny asked me for papers after I sent him email btwn my pcp and I he sent me a subpoena copy for late discovery and is asking Kaiser for the emails one other thing some of the dates on emails show pcp answering my questions 4 days before I asked them???
  5. He is doing both he subpoenad my for All medical docs I had incld.surgical,lab reports,visits,diaries,journals ,communications with mds. I sent him a paper where my cardiologist stated my third artery was fine and that was why it wasn't fixed the actual surgeon stated it was too small to fix and this would be managed with diet and medication I hilited both responses should I have justgiven him the doc and let him figure it ouy? I only have use of one arm so my spelling might be off it gets tiresome to rewrite any way story goes like this during an employee physical it was written by MD x that he believed I had chf not only do I have email btwn pcp and I proving he just said excersise but I also brought him the physical with MD x note and he blew me off 14-16mos later I had Mi with double bpass the third was to small I love my surg. and not going after him 6mos later they found an 8cm abd.aortic aneurysm during my consult it was discussed at length the start of Plavix blood thinner/antiplatelet medication which was forgotton and never ordered about 4 wks postAAA repair I remembered and emailed MD of vasc. surg.and asked about medication he replied I just ordered it another 3 wks go by I am taking Plavix and I can't walk straight ,dizzy w/mild h/a....I call vasc.surg. who states on phone" I can assure you this is not vasc. I goto ER anyway and having a stroke I find in my heart attach surg.file that states stents not put in my heart due to the need of immediate life long need for Plavix so a vien harvest was done for bypass AAA repair has 6 stents applied my question is should I just send med.records to attrny or highlight these differences so he can put together these mounds of papers he wants my surg.are 3111 pages long
  6. It was 1 week apart .I had a double bypass 14mos later after having a heart attack at 52yo yes it was not only expl. but the exam paper with dr.x comments on it. my pcp should have looked into the examining dr.dx that's why I feel he is liable. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A SMART MOUTH ANSWER KEEP IT TO YOURSELF PEOPLE USE THESE FORUMS FOR HELP ,GUIDENCE AND I FREQUENTLY HEAR BELITTLING ANSWERS I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY
  7. When the defense attny asks for medical records,labs and so on should you just send them or explain what pertains to what or let him figure it out
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