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  1. Thank you for your reply! My husband was wearing a prosthetic device, it was daylight and he was wearing bright clothing. I did not say he was in the middle of the street....noone knows this. I asked the police to find him after he refused to get back into the car because at the time he exited out of our vehicle I believe he was having a TIA. He was a very fragile diabetic. Im almost relieved time has run out for me to pursue anything because I never even felt right at the thought of it. I believe your reply is that only thing that may give me some closure. His family disowned me because they felt I was responsible for letting him walk away (he was 6 3" and 280 lbs) and I HAVE felt responsible! I went to the police that were only a few yards away but they laughed and said I was hysterical....by the time they got into thier cars and went looking they could not find him. You are RIGHT about him having to be aware of the dangers. He is gone and nothing can bring him back. Thank you and God bless you & yours.
  2. A little over three years ago, my spouse of twenty years was mowed down by a 16 yr old that had only been driving a couple of weeks. We were living in Oklahoma at the time and were on our way home from eating out when my husband began to have a TIA (transient Ichemic attack). We pulled over to a gas station to get fuel when I told him that he should not drive the remainder of the way home. Shortly before turning into the station my husband was driving down the middle of the road. An argument ensued and while trying to fill the tank up my husband was having difficulty so I took over. After refuelingI realized he was already on his way home walking on foot. My husband was a fragile diabetic and as a result had a prosthetic on his right leg. I pulled over to insist he get into the truck but he became very abusive verbally and I was forced to try and get help from the local police. I did not know where the local police station was located but I noticed three police cars in the gas station parking lot. I went inside and interuppted three officers having there coffee and begged them to go get my husband because walking down route 66 where the speeds were anywhere from 55 up, I knew how it might end. They called another officer out that I had to wait for and that officer stated that he saw my husband and that my husband had flagged him down and asked him for a ride to the county line but that officer told him he was on his way to a traffic stop for someone that had been speeding and could not take him, (shortly after the incident I was told that officer was relieved of his duties). Supposedly three cars went out looking(it WAS daylight) but could not find my husband and I was told to go back to the town that I lived in and file a report so I did while on the way home looking for my husband all to no avail. Upon attempting to file the complaint in the one horse town I lived in I was told NO that I needed to return and file in the town where it took place. I had to wait for dispatch to call a sheriff so time was wasted when I could have been looking for my husband. Upon driving back to the gas station where I had initially spoken to the police I came upon many cars pulled over to the side of the road and when I asked "If the person sitting in the back of the squad was my husband" I was told to follow to the end of the line, shut my vehicle off and WAIT. I was not permitted out of my vehicle and they even placed a person next to each door to prevent my attempting to exit and I was not told for several minutes that my husbands body lie there. It was not untilI tried to get out of my truck that they stopped me and told me that the area was being treated as a crime scene and that my husband was DEAD! Long story short.....it was a hit and run but I was told that the police recognized the mirror from a truck that lay near my husbands head and that they knew who had hit him. Nothing was done until the following morning when they went to the boys school and pulled him out. I was ALSO told what a GOOD boy he was and that he was working towards a football scholarship, good grades and all. From what I was told there was not even an overnight stay in the local jail, license taken away or nothing! I was not permitted to come to the police station for nearly one-two weeks later when they would be "ready" to interview me. I was in a state of shock and did not realize that they may be covering thier own butts. There was no insurance money that my husband had so I was forced to hire one of the places that only charge you if they get you funds. They SUED MY insurance company! Long story short do I have anything to file a civil suit against the police department of this small town? Should I have? I felt at the time it was wrong but since then I have been told that this boy also had a close relative on the department.I was even call by the District Attorneys office and told I should "forgive" him so that he could go on with his life. What about MY life WITHOUT my husband? What about the daughter and three grandchildren he left behind? What about HIS mother? What about his three stepchildren and those grandkids?
  3. I am preparing a will for my 45 yr old son whom had suffered a severe trauma after being involved in an automobile accident. It affected him mentally as well as physically and as a result he has incurred an inordinate amount of debt not just resulting from the initial hospitalization but hospitalization in three other medical facilities from attempting sucicide and having a breakdown. I provide ALL of his care and he lives with me in my home. It has been three years since the accident and he is currently seeing a doctor on a regular basis and has been placed on a regime of medication finally that agrees with him. Nine years ago he also "fathered" a child and was nothing more that a "sperm donor" because a girl that he was seeing wanted a childand as she felt that her "proveriable" timeclock was running out. S he threatened to throw him out if he did not comply as they had been habittating for about two weeks. He has been unable to work due to various reasons that I cannot go into here since the childs birth. We are not even sure the child is his because the same evening she had relations with another man just to be sure ONE of the pregancies would take. There have been no court rulings and to date she has not filed for child support because either myself and my husband or son were trying to help her as much as we could. Now widowed, and on a very limited income, I have managed to send her $300.00 a month regularly for approx. 2 years but I can no longer continue to afford to take care of my son AND the child. Evenprio to lately prior to that I would help her pay bills or wire her what she needed. FINALLY! My question is...can DCFS of Illinois or HERSELF take this house from him if I were to pass for back child support or could his debtors (who knew he was not insured at the time they provided medical care), place a lien on the home so that he would be forced to sell the home to settle these debts which would leave him completely penniless and without a roof over his head? No where to turn.Thank you for any time you may spend in answering this.
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