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  1. Good morning Please can somebody help us? The plot of land next to our house was bought in April, and is being used to accommodate up to twelve AirBNB guests at a time in an RV and a gazebo. This has had a terribly detrimental effect on our property. We are contending with trespassers who do not respect the signs and physical boundaries that we have attempted to build. They have dogs which run amok in our garden. We’re an elderly couple my wife is recently out of hospital, and we don’t feel able to venture out of doors. We don’t feel safe in our own home. There is noise at all hours. A Portacabin is posted right beside our property but not cleaned. The smell is sickening. We have attempted to sell house for some time without success, and now because of all of this, and due to the condition of the neighboring property, the value of our house has sunk through the floor. We stand to lose tens of thousands. We are at our wits’ end what to do here, and would so appreciate some good advice on our options. The owner of the property is never there himself. Thank you so much for your time and your kind attention..
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