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  1. I owed for part of August at the time I moved out. However the mobile app stated I had a credit balance and therefore would not allow me to make a payment. I have a printout of this. I also have bank statements for each months rent as well as the email receipts. I questioned the August rent and credit balance at the final walkthrough and was told it would be addressed along with refunding deposits. I got a call today stating they had to have the accunting dept handle this. I supplied them front and back of two checks almost three weeks ago yet they still have to deal with accounting. I also received an email with two summary statements. The costs for utilities and rent dont match. For example rent due is $246.35 vs. $637.55. I paid $1091 a month. Even if they calculated it for the 14 days on my lease that would not equal over $600. One form shows the balance after deposit refunds while one makes no reference to them. Yet the totals match. The longer this goes on the more crazy it gets. I have no idea what to do. I'm most concerned that this ends up on my credit report.
  2. I completed the final walkthrough on 8/6/19....at that time I had not paid rent for August as the mobile webpage stated I had a credit and therefore would not allow me to make a payment. I printed this report. On 9/3/19, after not getting a refund check, I contacted the management office and was asked to verify my current address. I was told that the statement was mailed to the address I'd given them on my 60=day notice form. I requested it be emailed to me which to date is the only copy I received. I found it interesting that it was dated the day I called. At that time I was told I was not getting a refund as I owed for late fees and rent not paid. I have bank statements and cancelled checks to prove this is not true. On 9/3 I emailed their customercare website (as listed on the statement emailed to me) inquiring on the errors in their report. No one contacted me despite an auto reply that someone would contact me within 48 hours. I called on 9/6/19 and spoke with Mitch. He gave me an email to send my documentation which I did. I have made follow up calls where I've only been able to leave messages. I have not received a response. A follow up email to the address I sent the documentation has only yielded the same "someone will contact you within 48 hours" response. Its now six weeks since my final walkthrough and two weeks since I sent documentation to the customer care email I have not received any statement despite their claim that it was mailed to me. I also never received any requests or notices that my rent had not been made. Bottom line is that place was a living hell. Two men were shot in February 2019, one of them killed. I also witnessed a man try to commit suicide. Lighting issues were not addressed. They began in December and were finally addressed in late July. These included covered parking....at one point 2 of 22 bulbs worked...lighting in stairways and sidewalk areas at the pool...2 of ten bulbs actually worked. My dog got glass in her paw pads as I didn't see glass on our walk which consisted of sidewalk areas. I have documentation of multiple attempts to get management to address lighting issues. Most were answered with a 'we have a plan'. Mandatory sprinkler tests turned out to be false as it was really police raiding an apartment in my building. When my deadbolt broke I had to make several calls and finally go the to leasing office to demand it be replaced. Despite the ongoing police activity that surround the premises the lighting required for first responders either has bad bulbs or is faulty in that they don't illuminate the actual building addresses. This is concerning when there were already events where emergency responders were required. Sometimes seconds count and those seconds shouldn't be spent searching for buildings in the dark. I was told by county officials that working lights were only required for new builds...that there was no enforcement for existing structures. Bottom line is I want to put this part of my life behind me. I do not owe them money and want validation before this turns up on my credit report After deducting the erroneous non payment and late fees the result is they owe me. I want my money.
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