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  1. Hi - thanks for the reply. Employees, myself included, never receive the bill from AMEX; the corporation pay oustanding balances directly from their AP for all employees (which is why its also odd they're sending me a check for final expenses) once expense reports are submitted by the employees. Historically, direct payment by employee is expected for personal expenses that are incured. In what I described, does that change your response?
  2. Would appreciate some perspective on how to manage a series of late charges on a corporate credit card that was held with a (now former) employer. Company policy is that all late charges are the employee's responsibility. However, one late charge was incurred because my supervisor failed to approved my expense report in a timely manner ($39). The second series of late charges were incurred following my termination: the employer did not send an accounting of outstanding transactions to be reconciled until nearly 60 days after leaving the company. Within a week of finally receiving those transactions, expense reports and supporting receipts were submitted. Company is holding firm that they are not responsible for late fees. As far as final expenses, they are mailing me a check to pay the credit card company directly. After paying any final balance with the credit card company, would I have any reasonable opportunity to pursue recourse from my employer for the late fees?
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