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  1. Ok, I called around... It is, in fact around 50 - 75 bucks. (Checked with 3 law offices: Jim Lawler, Jack Byno, and James Mallory) All 3 of those attorneys are in the North Texas area, my ticket was in Austin, and all 3 law offices said they would have no problem handling the ticket. They are, in fact, just handling the paperwork for me...probably more like their STAFF is handling the paperwork for me, and 1,000 other people who got their postcard in the mail. They don't actually go to the Court, in almost all cases, to get a traffic ticket dismissed. They don't need to. According to one of the law firms- the Dallas Municipal Court is the only court that requires the person who received the ticket to actually GO to the court to request defensive driving (or, deferred disposition- if I wasn't eligible for defensive driving). The benefits for me - you're basically getting a $50 secretary- they fill out the paperwork for you, send it in for you, let you know what you owe the court, when the defensive driving course, and driving record is due, etc. Its a little more convenient. Heres what ill be spending on this ticket 50-75 for the attorney 250 to the court 25 for ThanksForSpeeding.com 10 for the driving record There you have it. I wanted to make sure this thread had a definitive answer with the sources of the info included. Hope this helped someone.
  2. I get a lot of traffic tickets. Speeding mostly. I've taken a lot of Defensive Driving courses. Two more classes and I'll have my Defensive Driving Doctorate. Anyway, of course I get a ton of postcards in the mail from defensive driving schools AFTER i make the request to the court for defensive driving. Like THIS ONE...my new favorite.. I just noticed, NOW i get postcards from attorneys IMMEDIATELY after i get the ticket, but BEFORE I make the request for defensive driving. Whats up with these attorneys? If I were to use one of them, I'd just pay to request defensive driving for me? I don't really get this at all...Don't get me wrong...I like the idea of just giving an attorney 50 bucks and letting him/her handle the paperwork. I don't like going to court, and paperwork gives me a headache. I've always actually GONE IN to the court to fill out my paperwork, I just can't imagine someone going to school for 7 years, becoming an attorney and driving from municipal court to municipal court requesting defensive driving. Texas is a big State...If i get a ticket in Dallas, but live in Houston, do I need to contact a Dallas Ticket Attorney to handle it? What is the benefit to me- of hiring an attorney who offers this service? And what is the benefit to the attorney? I guess it would work if the attorney had a bunch of clerks who filed the requests to the court, then kept in touch with the client. Is that how they do it? Also..This happened... Luckily the construction guys got me out before the cops got there.
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