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  1. Full treatment of laser hair removal, this was in Texas and happened a few days ago
  2. There was a promotional deal on a laser center's website for $1,299 full treatment. I scheduled a free consultation and went in. The lady I met with was very nice and worked with me to meet my needs and finances. I told her I wanted to pay in installments since I could not pay for it all upfront. I have no credit card so I was not eligible for paying in installments. She offered me a deal of paying half the amount now, and the other half within the months of my treatment whenever I was ready to pay the amount is what she had said specifically. I agreed and paid half, she then said she would have someone call me the next day to schedule my appointment. The next day, I received a phone call from a different employee to schedule my appointment, this lady informed me I had to pay the remaining half of my balance AT my appointment. I informed her that the lady I met with just yesterday said I could pay over the course of time since I dont have the money. She refused what I had said and mentioned that for my treatments to start I needed to pay the full amount. When I asked for a refund, she said they do not issue refunds on promotional offers! I told her I was not informed of this refund policy before making my payment. She completely disregarded my issue and said I had no other choice. I've been calling the place and speaking to different managers on the phone asking for my refund and keep getting told I can not get a refund, even though I have not received any service. What can I do to get my money back in this situation?
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