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  1. Retired, Thank you. PayrollHRGuy, Much appreciation Sir.... I just needed someone to point me in the right direction. Have an awesome week, and continued success...
  2. Hello , and thank you in advance for any information that you may provide. I am a Texas resident, this inquiry is with both a City level and State level involvement with a contracted entity. Within our community there is a economic development organization that has been hired/contracted by our city and supported by state leadership for some years, using various names, new entities, and such. This new(est) initiative/entity is regularly posting on social media, yet I have been unable to see what progress they are making, they do not appear to be showing any real economic development (bringing new businesses and employment opportunities) to the area, merely growing the constituent base and/or marketing base, I could be mistaken and wrong, but, if I do not know then it is incumbent of me to ask. I have been inquiring on social media for a few months for updates (never receiving a response, until Friday), and I was asked by the organization's representative to email them with my question, and I did, now I am being directed to the Chamber of Commerce for updates. With that said, I will certainly do that, however the manner this simple question is being handled is causing me to question why they are not providing me this simple information that they asked me to email them my request, there are a couple other communication issues that make me really question what is going on here. My question is: What is the proper method/means for a public citizen, and their right to tax payer information, open information rights, disclosure of updates, actions, movements, etc., and is the Privacy Act or FOIA the proper method to receive the information requested of economic development organization contracted by the city, and state. I am a concerned citizen who is helplessly watching their community devolve into poverty. Any insight is appreciated.
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