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  1. That is so wrong to do that when she had every legal right to claim exempt from taxes.
  2. She noticed what the employer did. And told the employer they took out federal taxes anyhows. Employer said she would look into it. Employer told her she could not do file exempt.
  3. The employer did not honor her w4 and took taxes out anyhows. She changed it. And yes all that applies for 2018 n 2019.
  4. Nope and what I read she is by law able to file exempt. The employer can not change it and decide for her what exemptions she can claim. Nor change her w-4.
  5. Probably 6,000 this year. Employer says she can not file exempt. Employer had her at 2 exemptions. How can an employer just do that? And sent her a text as this is why she fired her. She has always filed exempt and has always got taxes back.
  6. My daughter filed except from payroll taxes on her W4 and employer will not do that and fired her because of it. She texted messaged her the reason why she was fired. She has 4. Children, single.
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