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  1. I own the rental property. The tree fell onto her home from behind her home (which she is responsible for- according to the city). When the tree fell it pulled down Verizon wires and the wires pulled down and broke the Verizon pole that's behind my home. This cascaded to pulling down Verizon wires on my property and crushing the fence on both sides. I just found out yesterday that they are foreclosing on her property, she's moving out - So, as to my original question - all moot! Thanks anyway!
  2. A tree fell next door onto the neighbors roof - all on her property. it pulled down Verizon cable wires, broke a Verizon pole behind my property and the wires broke my wooden fence. The very large tree did not crush her roof and this far she has made no attempt to remove it! My insurance is on the building but not on adjacent property. Would my insurance company try to sue hers to remove it or do I have any recourse. These are row homes with an overgrown alley for access to the back. Verizon finally acknowledged that they owned it but will not remove the wires across my property until she removes the tree! They would still have access through my rental to access the back yard. This is in Philadelphia. I can't even replace the fence until all the wires are out of the way. Any idea what my options are?
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