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  1. So even if the police say it's my fault, their insurance company could still accept liability regardless of the police report?
  2. The other driver's insurance company called me today and offered me a rental car but no fault has been declared yet on the police report. Does this mean that the driver/her parents (since she's a minor) have taken responsibility regarding the insurances? I don't see why I would be offered a rental car if they thought I was in the wrong.
  3. I also can't figure out how to delete the other post I made, sorry!
  4. I wasn't turning left. I was going straight, they were also going straight.
  5. Sunday night I was stopped at a red light. I was going straight. The light turned green and I'll admit, I went as SOON as it turned green but I did not start moving when the light was still red. As soon as I started moving, my car was barely even into the middle of the intersection, I was hit by another car going well above the speed limit who ran a red light. They were most likely trying to beat the yellow and didn't. Completely destroyed my car and you can see by the damage that they were at least 60mph, and the road is 45mph. As soon as my car stopped spinning and rolled into the pole, I got out of my car (my airbags did not go off) and this young man came up to, he came from the car that hit me, and asked if I was alright. The only thing I could say was "you ran a red light you ran a red light you could have killed me". They were 1 foot away from completely tboning me. The man admitted to me that the light just turned red when they crosses it. I'm 18, apparently this guy just also turned 18. But he was not the driver according to them (although I think he was driving and they're trying to say he wasn't because it was not his car). The person driving was a 17 year old girl who just got her license a few days before (as far as I'm aware I could be wrong on that). They had a total of 5 people in their car and it was only me in mine. When the ambulances and the firetrucks and all that jazz got there, no one separated this kids. They all changed the story to "it was a steady yellow". There is no such thing as a steady yellow as far as I'm aware. IF you have a yellow light, you slow down. It's called proceeding with caution. Doesn't mean go faster and try to beat it. I do have other witnesses but they didn't see the whole thing. There was a man behind me who owns the gas station across the street and he called me and told me those kids ran a red light. I asked him if that meant my light was green and he said he didn't see if my light was green he only saw that their light was red when they ran it, he looked down at his phone and when he looked up then he saw that they had hit me. I know I did not run a red light. I gave the police all my witness info, he went around to the business and none of them have video cameras that see the stop light. I'm really afraid that they're gonna say it was my fault when the investigation is over because they had 5 witness and it was only me in my car. I was also at work delivering a pizza and I'm really afraid the police are gonna think just because I'm a delivery driver I must be in a rush, which I wasn't. It was my last delivery of the night and I could have cared less if it was late or not. I would rather drive safe and risk having to give someone free food because their order was late than risking my life to give someone a stupid pizza. You can also tell by the impact on my car and theirs that I was going well below 10mph and they were going above. I don't know if that sort of forensic info helps determine anything but why would I be going that slow through a stop light unless I had be previously stopped at a red light and it turned green and I had just started moving. Why would I sit there at a red light for 2 minutes and decide to just run it? Idk if also because this girl was 17, only had her license for a few day and had her car stuffed for of 4 teenagers (which is against the law with a junior license) would help me at all. I can't afford to buy a new car, and if the investigation concludes it was my fault then I'm gonna have to drop out of school because I won't have a car to get to class. Also if they conclude it's my fault I'm taking it to traffic court because I know it's not. Do I have enough evidence with the witness behind me and if they act out the accident to beat the case? it doesn't sit well with me that just because a car has more passengers than me then their word means more. Other driver took ambulance to the hospital, I think she just has whiplash? I had my mom drive me to the hospital and they told I also just have whiplash. I do know that because I did not have commercial insurance I'm gonna have to pay out of pocket if it was my fault. I also know that PA is a no fault state so doesn't matter the outcome of the report, we both pay our own medical bills.
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