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  1. In response to your question regarding the state I live in, I live in Oregon.
  2. A year ago, I got a credit card to pay a vet bill. I was unable to pay on the balance and I told the company that. They were pretty good and didn't harass me, and I told them I would pay them when I got some money (I work a minimum wage job and for health reasons my husband is disabled and unable to work - we barely get by). A couple of months ago, we happened into some money, so I wanted to keep my promise and pay this company off. I called them up and told them I wanted to pay off the debt, but they refused saying they sold the debt a few weeks prior. They gave me the contact information for the company they sold the debt to, so I called them and informed them I was willing to pay the debt off right them. They refused to take my payment. I warned them that if they didn't take the payment for the full amount now, I might not be able to pay them later (as i said, we barely get by, so there is always some bill that needs to be paid). They still refused. So, recently, they send me a letter demanding payment in full by a certain date or payment arrangements of their design (in other words, they didn't ask me what i can or cannot afford) and said they would be contacting a lawyer to sue me if it wasn't paid by then or take them up on their 'offer". Can they still collect? I made a good faith effort to pay and they refused.
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