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  1. pg1067; The prefix on the case# is MCV. Would that not be a civil suit case# ? The only written rental agreement was signed by the current tenants and the previous (now deceased) landlord. There has been no new written rental agreement between current tenants and new property owners/landlord. There has only been a verbal agreement between the current tenants and the new landlord/property owners. I am aware written agreements are the preferred method, but, when the parties and signatures on the original written rental agreement are no longer a factor, wouldn't it seem a more recent verbal agreement between all current parties involved, (owner/landlord/tenants) hold more validity?
  2. Landlord waived rent in verbal agreement on the condition the tenant would agree to show property to prospective buyers.Three months later tenant is being sued for $2,625. back rent in a 3 day pay or quit notice.
  3. Thank you adjusterjack for providing link and answer to my question.
  4. Thank You reenzz. So, by law, I will have a maximum of 60 days once I've received written notice to vacate? Is this correct?
  5. Thank you for your input. I am still uncertain of the timeframe I am allowed to remain at residence once written notice has been provided.
  6. State is California. Notice meaning verbal is acceptable or written and served?
  7. Not yet. But were asked to provide a date of, and I quote, "How soon can you be out?" To which he followed with "By October is what we are looking towards"
  8. Property owner passed away October of last year. Property went into pre-foreclosure. Recently purchased by group of investors. Decision to flip property immediately. Two investors verbally waived our rent for the time the property remained on the market and informed us of their agreed intent to allow us to remain as tenants with our promise to accommodate potential new buyers, assist contractors that show for repairs on property (My personal favorite being the septic guy who skipped the agreed day and time without notice, only to show up unannounced three days later at 7am in the morning on the 4th of July to pump the septic tank and repair the defective pump located directly under the deck I was preparing to set up for BBQ) Remove refuse not belonging to us on the deck adjacent to the main house and were requested to take pictures of the main house and email to broker for use in advertising property. All tasks were completed and still pending up until 2 days ago when we were notified of their recent decision to make improvements on our unit based on the lack of potential buyers coming to view the property. Not one prospect. I can only assume this is not due to the lack of improvements to the granny flat, but, rather due to the increase of asking price to $485,000 in regards to the auction price of $288,000 with literally no renovations other than trash haul. All this information typed for apparently no other reason than to vent as my question is how long do we as tenants of said property for the past 4 1/2 yrs. allotted to us to find alternate living space and relocate to unwanted new spot?
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