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  1. Hello, a couple days ago, a FedEx Ground delivery driver was delivering a package to my house. When he got out of his truck, my caregiver said he brought a stick with him that he had honed down and removed the bark. I live in a rural area and I'm disabled so, package delivery is almost a daily occurrence. I have a miniature Schnauzer and my mother, who lives on the property, has 5 Dachshunds (wiener dogs). The driver came to the front door area, dropped my package and started swinging his stick. He hit my Schnauzer so hard he was rendered unconscious and now has bleeding into the front part of his eye. Also struck, was one of my mother's dogs who also has bleeding from his eye socket. This was a premeditated attack on the dogs; he brought the stick, his weapon, with him to engage the dogs. According to FedEx, the driver had been mauled and had been bitten badly. However, I don't think he was mauled by a 8" tall dog that has never bitten anyone. I have visits from, UPS, USPS, DHL, Doordash, pizza, and a weekly delivery from FedEx. My moms' dogs have all been here over 5 years and my dog has been here since, mid-July. FedEx keeps trying to excuse and justify his actions based upon his previous interactions with other dogs.... in that line of thinking, I should take action against FedEx drivers so, my pet isn't harmed. This is madness. I am beyond angry.
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