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  1. I am currently 16 at the moment, but will be 17 in late October. My mother and I have been talking about this topic for a long time and she is perfectly fine with me moving out at 17. (Considering I won't be far from home) But I plan to live with my boyfriend who is 18 and he lives in Tennessee. He hopes to come up and we can get an apartment together, but he's new to the moving out just like me. I have multiple questions for my situation. Can/does my boyfriend have to sign the legal documents, or does my mother have to due to me being 17? Will my SSI disability go to me or my mother? Do I have to get a redetermination? Would me and my boyfriend be able to survive with minimum wage jobs? (plus SSI) Would my tribe (if enrolled) be willing to assist me in my living costs, if needed? I am currently employed, receiving SSI, and am eligible for Native American tribe enrollment in Minnesota (Leech Lake) Thank you!
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