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  1. Thank you, I just called a local attorney and am waiting for a call back
  2. But they didn’t look at my records and I take antibiotics for a couple weeks after I start taking them until the next flare up
  3. Cellulitis in my right leg, which I told them when I signed in
  4. Excuse me , the doctor from Artesia , NM. I was wondering if there was a case to where I could recoup some of the money I lost for not working for a month and being charged for unnecessary procedures during that month in the hospital.? Or do I just chalk it up to having a bad experience and never go there again?
  5. I had gone to that hospital less than a year before with the exact same symptoms, for the same issue. I’ve had several times before and after. All they had to do was look at my records
  6. About a year ago I went to the er for a reoccurring illness, which can be taken care of by getting antibiotics ASAP. I started to feel the symptoms at work and went to the er about an hour later, around 9pm, with a 101 degree temp and swollen lymph node in my right leg which is causing some pain After checking in they put me in a room, have me remove my shirt and wait. After repeatedly asking for antibiotics , blanket or even an answer, I finally see the er doc around 2a.m.ish , and she immediately comes in asking what my real name is because they couldn’t find any info for me from my previous visit, and asking about STDs because “if I have groin pains it’s an STD”. I told her about the previous visit from about a year before ,with the exact same symptoms, where they gave me a shot and a prescription of antibiotics and I was in and out in about an hour. So they admit me the next morning around 10am and then they give me antibiotics. I wound up in that hospital with IVs in both arms and test after test for a almost a month. After a little over three weeks they decided to send me home with a pic line so I could continue with high dosage of antibiotics at home. The next day they decide to send me to another hospital in Lubbock , where the Artesia doctor had a colleague who would be able to better take care of me. I was in the lubbock hospital for about 3 days, that doc gave me a prescription of antibiotics and told me to see my doc because the amount of antibiotics they had already given me was sufficient. I’ve the same symptoms twice since last October and have gotten a prescription of the antibiotics sent to me and have not had to be hospitalized.
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