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  1. While going out to my car that was parked in front of hotel by office my foot landed on an oil spill that looked like damp asphalt. Feet went out from under me and I landed pretty hard. At 67 hits like this can do a bit of damage. Looked around and of course there was no one around to witness. Managed to get myself up and went into the office to tell the manager of my fall and to warn her that there was a pretty substantial amount of oil that would need attending to before someone else took a fall like I did. They accepted my heads up, said it would be taken care of (never was). Manger and desk clerk there at the time. Now I am finding out two days later that I am getting a detached retina in left eye. What the heck to I do? Happened in Miami, I am by Clearwater on the other side of state and back home now.
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