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  1. My boyfriend was arrested in on a warrant out of another county. He was taken to court the next morning, a Saturday, Judge ordered no bail, he wasn’t offered an attorney, nor told what his charges even were for more than 24 hours. He has now been incarcerated for 7 days under the charge in this county of fugitive from justice. The county where the warrant is from is supposed to come get him but no one has any information as to when that could possibly be. He is missing work, they aren’t addressing his health issues, and he’s really getting upset. We were able to find out the actual charge, which is 3rd degree assault. It stems from when he left his wife, whom he had found out was cheating on him for the teenth time, he got drunk and belligerent and wrote on some pictures something like my wife ruined out family and “w*ore. The kicker is as he was trying to leave, his step daughters 20 year old boyfriend, she’s 15, beat the total crap out of him. So he is the one that gets the snot beat out of him, but gets charged? Can someone help me? How long can they hold him for the other county before this becomes a violation of HIS rights?
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