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  1. I wasn't sure how much gas was in the tank as I never had this tank filled since purchasing it last summer 2018. I wanted to make sure it had plenty of propane in it then to run out during our festivities (BBQ), which would be embarrassing. My nephew used the tank last winter for our space heater as well. Filling a propane tank is nothing like filling your car up with gasoline.
  2. Don't know if $14.50 is worth the trouble but then it's not right for others to be deceived this way either. Thank you for your replies
  3. I was watching the pump as the attendant filled my tank and it registered the gallons and price. $2 and some change. Although once inside at the register he stated that will be $16.50. I immediately stated that the pump register $2... something. That's when he turned around and pointed to a sign on the wall that indicated $16.50 minimum charge on all propane purchases. I told him that wasn't right and he should have said something outside, as I would have gone elsewhere.
  4. Is it legal for a service (Gas) station to charge a minimum amount for liquified gas? I wanted to fill up my liquified gas container with gas for a holiday picnic. I stopped at a gasoline station to fill it up. It took a little over $2.00. Once in the office, they charged me $16.50, stating they have a minimum charge. Is this legal. There is no sign or notice outside at the pump.
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