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  1. I am being sued by a family member for $1,149.92. I have yet to respond as I was served a few days ago. I plan on filing a counter claim for 750.08. I loaned this person $2500 this past February to purchase a car, and she has paid me $600, This person wrote me a $1,149.92 check for the purchase of a table and chair that I put on my credit card, as she did not have a credit card but it was agreed that this was to be used as collateral for the car if the loan was not paid off by a certain date. It was not, she is claiming she never gave me permission to cancel the order, and filed suit. Do I need a defense for this action when I go to court as it is a he said/she said situation? Would it matter what I said since this person still owes me $750.08 for payments?
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