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  1. No it did not help . The way i see it is the doctor ask if there was any past use of drugs. And when she ask if they found any all he had to do was say yes and left it there . He should have not disclosed what they had found. considering that i did not give any connect for her to be given any of my records and by telling her what they found had no purpose as to treatment in my case
  2. I got admitted to a hospital and i was awake when i went into the er . I was then put under by the er staff and was put on a ventilator . While i was out and could not answer questions . My doctor ask my girl friend if i ever used illegal drugs . And my girlfriend told him that she had some knowledge that i had used some before we got together . And she ask the doctor if they found drugs in my system and the doctor told her yes and what they had found . My girl friend did not have any kind of consent from me that she could get any of my medical records . So was the doctor in violation of any law by telling her that information?
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