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  1. So basically I rented a car in my name for someone who I thought I was being hired by for a business that ended up being fake because he was on the do not rent list for something he said was being handled. He put his “business” account on file which he was supposed to use as payment for the cost of the rental. The rental was returned over a week past the day it was supposed to be turned in and it was damaged. He told me it was turned in when it wasn’t and failed to tell me that he damaged it. About a month later I get a letter from enterprise stating that the car was damaged and that the payment did not go through for the cost of the rental. I have multiple texts with him admitting to damaging the car as well as him saying that his insurance was going to pay for it however this is now 5 months later and I have just received my final letter before being sent to collections/ being sued my enterprise. He has blocked me from everything and I can no longer reach him.
  2. An unauthorized driver of a car that was rented by me is refusing to pay for damages that he caused. In addition to the he promised to pay for the cost of the days the car was rented but has failed to. Can I take him to small claims court? What are the chances of me winning?
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