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  1. I should add that "Adjudication Withheld" was the result of the two previous incidents. Is that the same thing as a guilty verdict? If it's different, is it still interpreted by employers as a guilty verdict?
  2. I'm located in Florida. I've been out of full-time work for about 2 years now. I've managed not to become homeless all this time by the skin of my teeth; working part-time gigs and contract work. Right now my bicycle is my main mode of transportation as my car is broken down and I don't have the funds to get it fixed. Recently, my bicycle has also needed some work. I didn't have the money for the parts and materials. I was caught trying to shoplift those parts from Walmart recently. It was a moment of desperation. This is the second time this has happened. The first was a little over a year ago at a different Walmart. A third incident happened about 10 years ago, I was also charged with shoplifting; not because I did anything wrong but because I was with a friend who took something without my knowledge. We were stopped as the exit. And even though we both explained to them that I had nothing to do with it, they charged us both. I've been struggling really hard these past 2 years trying to put my life back together again. I fear I may have just put the last nail in my own coffin; that they'll charge me with a felony this time. I'm afraid no matter how this ends in court, I'll never be able to find work again with this on my record. Do I have any options? Is there any hope or is this game over for me?
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