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  1. I was with a friend partying at my hotel and was arrested for possession of meth with intent to sell 14 months ago, which I'm still fighting. The cops found 8.7 grams of meth in 4 or 5 baggies and 4 glass pipes, two of which were my friend's. I told the cops it was for my own personal use, which it was. There were no scales, no large sums of cash, and no payola sheets. My friend lied to the cops ( I have a copy of the police recordings) saying he had no idea what the glass pipe right next to his wallet was for and that I said I had a lot of sh*t. I knew that he had been to prison, but I didn't really know what for. We met online and that was only the third time we hooked up. Well this new information I just received is that he is a convicted felon for this very same charge. The cops ran our names that night. So my first question is, why wasn't he arrested as well? I don't even have any prior possessions. Nothing related to drugs at all on my record. The second part of this scenario relates to my current attorney. So, my friend bails me out, who I'd only seen three times. Then he comes with me to every court appearance I have. I had decided to hire a private attorney to help me fight this bogus charge. My friend didn't like my attorney after speaking with him and encouraged me to fire him and hire his attorney he's used for 20+ years. So I did both. His attorney has only been in court with me one time in the last 14 months, and that was for my preliminary hearing. All the other times it's been one of his associates. After learning about my friend's prior conviction, it all of the sudden dawned on me why he wanted me to hire his attorney. Because he was a former client and has retained his services multiple times. Therefore, my attorney wouldn't ask anything about him during my prelim and he didn't. He did not question the rookie (I am his first sales case) who arrested me that night about why my friend wasn't arrested when he has priors. He didn't mention him at all.This seems highly unethical to me and I do not believe that I have been represented fairly. Am I right? And if so, do I have any kind of legal and/or financial recourse? Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me please?
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