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  1. My family just came down to receive some early distribution of my father's estate that included a large and valuable collection of rare coins valued at about $1 million. The will and trust started that all of the coins were to be passed to he his two sons. Over the course of reviewing the collection and subsequent questioning of the wife, it turned out that she removed the majority of the valuable coins. She moved them off with the help of a friend from the coin club who went through every book and helped her find the valuable ones. Another friend helped carry the boxes to her house before the children showed up. We have some evidence of what should have been there but it's not perfect. But she has said she removed some coins that my dad verbally said were hers and that she just took her collection. The problem is that my dad clearly left all the coins to his sons. She didn't have the right to pull the majority of the value and remove it without any review. It is very clear she doesn't want those valuable items to go anywhere, even though the trust and will are super clear. This is in California. Should I file a police report today and have her and her co-conspirators interviewed today, in order to document the facts? And while I am in town. Or should I lawyer up and pay the fees and take my kids grandmother to court?
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