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  1. This has been bothering me for over 20 years now. I was forced by my Public Defender to pled guilty of a Crime I didn’t commit to because he told me that I can not have a Police Detective who was at my residence at the time the girl called my house the day I got out of jail from her calling her local police department that I was harassing her at her residence. The PD said “ I cannot have him as a witness because I cannot allow him to perjury himself because friends, family, co-workers and so forth will lie.” On top of that he claimed he had both our phone logs and it show no calls to my house. I said of course not if she use a phone card. Note, that the Police Detective that was at my house isn’t the same police agency that arrested me. The Detective even told the arresting agency that she called my house and their response to him was, “He answered the phone and she made a complaint that he called her, so he still violated the order.” After this, it was a snowball effect, every time I got out, she went back to her local police and said I made contact with her. But the issue here, I knew she was playing the system as does everyone else that lived in my town, but the other town didn’t care and my Public Defender didn’t want to use the witness he had, he just said everything was against me but personally I knew I didn’t do the things she claimed and had witness to prove it including a Police Detective for 18 years at my house when she initiated contact. The reason I am bringing this up now is because I have been trying to get a job in Psychology and this requires a Level II Background check from the State I am living now. While it’s been 20 years, I don’t have the original documents and I requested from both the Police Agency and the Court. I have the Court Dispositions, but the police arrest reports have so many errors in them like my place of residence at the time of the arrest and location of the arrests, and very little information of the arrest. So I requested the Police Incident Report and the Narrative Blotter. Those didn’t match the arrest reports, Also, they only can find 2 of those dates, the third is missing, the other kicker is how the Police Agency and the State have one day but the Court has a different date for the arrest. Finding all this out, what other misinformation is out there. My thing is now with all this non-sense going on, is there away I can either get these over turn, thrown out because my lawyer didn’t give me the best advice and defense or can they be expunged?
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