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  1. We had a family friend who is a professional contractor replace our entire ac unit 2 months ago. I paid him cash. 2 weeks ago the living room ceiling began leaking water. The contractor returned to investigate and confirmed it was from the new unit. His explanation was that his assistant did not level something correctly. After 20 minutes he claimed the problem was fixed. 7 days later we returned from vacation to find the ceiling pouring water. We had him return a second time to investigate. He determined the actual problem was the external drain pipe and again claimed the problem was now fixed. When we asked him to help compensate us for the ceiling damage he became irritated and said it was not his responsibility. He said the problem was pre-existing to his work or may have developed in the time after the job was completed. I asked him if he checked the drain before he performed the installation...as is standard to complete the job properly. He claimed he had poured a single bottle of water down the drain and said that was good enough to check. He said he will not compensate us but he wants his friend who does sheetrock repair to come out and give an estimate. He said the guy will give us a "good price". He then left immediately. He has contacted me over text message to set up a time for his guy to come over. I was hoping he would reconsider compensating a portion of the cost to repair. We agreed on a time for the consultation with his friend. Today at the scheduled time he texted me to cancel for his friend last minute. Im weary that allowing his friend to perform this new job will cause additional problems or damage to my home. I need avice on whether my expectations are reasonable or just cause to persue legal action. Thank you
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