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  1. I was involved in a car accident in which I am not at fault. The car that hit me head on (a white car) was attempting to make a left turn. The other driver(a blue car) was going straight. When the police came to the scene, the driver of the red car was ticketed for failure to obey traffic control device although no one could say what actually happened other than they had the green light. At the intersection, when the turn light is green, the other light is red and vice versa. So it's obvious that one of them ran a red light. When the blue car and white car collided, the white car involuntarily rolled into my car hitting me head on as I sat waiting on the light. I suffered bodily injury and now have medical bills. The driver of the blue car's insurance company accepted 50% liability while the insurance company of the white car accepted 0% liability. My insurance filed property liability arbitration which is set some time in October. The company that accepted 50% liability has been in touch with me about settling the claim, at 50%. If I settle the claim and arbitration finds the company who accepted 50% liability initially as being 100% responsible, will I be able to go after the company to obtain the other 50% portion of the settlement for 100% or am I stuck with the 50% I settled for. I am not sure if arbitration supersedes any prior award settlements.
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