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  1. No probate proceedings have been commenced at this time. It is believed that the will provides that all assets of the estate will go to an existing trust that has been established for the maintenance, upkeep and carrying expenses of a specific parcel of real property.
  2. To RetiredInVa. Does a trustee have the power to "specify that no one can have access to the trust document." or is it the Settlor of the trust that can so specify and not an appointed trustee that has such authority? Is that power granted by statute or from settled case law?
  3. The specific situation is about a deceased testator. It is believed that the will has a provision that bequeths everything in the estate to an existing trust that will hold the assets received from the bequest of the will for the benefit of the upkeep and maintenance of a certain parcel of real property in perpetuity.
  4. Does a statutory beneficiary to a will have a right in New York State to know the contents of the will and associated trust?
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